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March, 2021

  • 1 March

    Paintings of plastic artist Bassam al-Hajali carry the Syrian visual identity in a universal human language

    Damascus, SANA-Plastic artist, Bassam Al-Hajali, seeks to go into secrets of the universe through his paintings, through which he wants to convey the Syrian visual identity in a universal human …

February, 2021

  • 23 February

    Syrian song flourishes by Shady Jamil voice at Opera House

    Damascus, SANA-Syrian song has flourished, with its old and modern type at the Opera House theater with the voice of singer Shadi Jamil, during a concert in which the terza …

  • 22 February

    Syria participates in Minsk International Book Fair

    Minsk, SANA-  The Syrian Embassy in Belarus capital of Minsk, participated in the 28th round of Minsk International Book Fair under the title “Books unite Peoples and States” along with …

  • 21 February

    11-thousand-year basalt painting shows beginning of counting by Syrian ancient human  

    Damascus, SANA-A small basalt painting with a polished surface dating back to the Neolithic age is showcased at the Prehistoric Syrian Archeological Antiquities Department at Damascus National Museum. The painting …

  • 20 February

    Elixir exhibition celebrates 900 artworks from 35 countries, including Syria

    Damascus-SANA- The Candles of Peace Association has chosen to name the elixir of its world exhibition, which was opened on Saturday at the Cultural Center in Kfarsousa with the participation …

  • 11 February

    A Youngman from Raqqa city challenges terrorism by music

    Qamishli, SANA– Following Daesh terrorist organization has entered the city of Raqqa, the 23-year old young man Harutyun Madarjian started the trip of leaving his city heading towards Qamishli city …

  • 8 February

    Damascus Citadel hosts 200 artworks for children of al-Baath Vanguards

    Damascus, SANA- Damascus Citadel hosted on Monday 200 artworks for a number of children from al- Baath Vanguards Organization and a show of folk costumes. The exhibition, which is organized …

  • 8 February

    Fourth exhibition of Arabic calligraphy inaugurated at al-Assad Gallery of Fine Arts in Aleppo

    Damascus, SANA-Various forms of Arabic calligraphy harmonized to form 30 paintings displayed  at the fourth exhibition of Arabic calligraphy, hosted by al-Assad Gallery of Fine Arts in Aleppo. Supervisor of …

  • 7 February

    Three corpses found east of Palmyra, one believed to be for archeologist martyr al-Asa’ad

    Homs, SANA- The competent authorities have found the corpses of three persons in Kahloul area, 10 km east of Palmyra in Homs eastern countryside, one of them is believed to …

  • 7 February

    Syrian expatriate wins Educational Oscar Award in Dubai   

    Damascus, SANA- Syrian expatriate journalist, Muhammad Issam Mahho, has won the Dubai International Award for Human Resources Development, the Educational Oscar, for the most popular educational video category, titled (I …