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June, 2021

  • 13 June

    Several Turkish regime-backed terrorists injured in infighting in Ras al-Ayn City

    Hasaka, SANA- Fierce clashes with machineguns erupted between Turkish occupation-backed terrorist groups inside the neighborhoods of Ras al-Ayn City in Hasaka northern countryside due to disputes between them over imposing …

  • 11 June

    QSD militia seizes large areas of agricultural lands in Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- The US-backed QSD militias seized large areas of agricultural lands in the surrounding of al-Aresha refugee camp in Hasaka southern countryside under the pretext of expanding the camp. …

  • 9 June

    20 US occupation trucks laden with stolen wheat head for northern Iraq

    Hasaka, SANA- US occupation forces have continued to steal the Syrian wealth within the areas they occupy in the Syrian al-Jazeera region, as 20 of their trucks loaded with stolen …

  • 6 June

    SARC distributes aid to needy families in Tal Brak area, Hasaka

    Hasaka, SANA- Syrian Red Crescent (SARC) has distributed aid to needy families in Tal Brak area in Hasaka northeastern countryside. Head of SARC-Hasaka Branch, Ali Mansour, in a statement to …

  • 3 June

    Wheat harvest in al-Hariri village in Hasaka southern countryside on Khabour Riverbed

  • 1 June

    Homeland tent at Jurmuz village in Hasaka to celebrate the wining of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in presidential election

    Hasaka, SANA-Locals of Jurmuz village in Qamishli region organized a tent of homeland in celebration of Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s winning a new presidential term. Participants in the event raised national …

May, 2021

  • 27 May

    US occupation brings out 38 trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat to Iraq

    Hasaka, SANA-The US occupation forcesm, in cooperation with QSD militia, brought out a new batch of stolen wheat from Tal Alou in Syrian al-Jazeera to northern Iraq. Local sources in …

  • 26 May

    Polling stations in Hasaka province witness a large turnout by citizens

     Hasaka, SANA- A huge number of the locals in Hasaka province have headed for the polling stations to cast their votes with the first moments of opening the ballot boxes …

  • 24 May

    QSD militia kidnaps four citizens in Tal Hamis town, Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation-backed QSD militia has continued to intensify the raids and kidnappings in the areas of their deployment in the Syrian al-Jazeera region as on Monday it …

  • 24 May

    46 US occupation trucks laden with stolen Syrian wheat head for Iraq

    Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces continued on Monday the systematic plundering of the Syrian wealth as a convoy of their trucks laden with stolen Syrian wheat leaved Tal Alou …