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Deir Ezzor

June, 2018

  • 16 June

    Deir Ezzor experiences a new pulse of life as joy of Eid returns

    Deir Ezzor, SANA – Deir Ezzor city is experiencing a new pulse of life as parks and streets have become crowded with families and their children playing, shouting and laughing …

  • 15 June

    Army seizes control of a number of points in al-Mayadeen western Badiya (desert)

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- Units of the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the allied forces, on Thursday restored security and stability to large areas in the eastern countryside of Deir …

May, 2018

  • 31 May

    Two mobile clinics arrive in Deir Ezzor to enhance health services

    Deir Ezzor, SANA-Two full-equipped mobile clinics arrived in Deir Ezzor to provide health services to citizens in the province’s countryside. Head of the Health Directorate in Deir Ezzor, Abdul-Najem al-Obeid, …

January, 2018

  • 25 January

    Scores of displaced families return to Deir Ezzor daily after liberating it from terrorists-Video

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- Scores of displaced families return to Deir Ezzor Province daily transported on board buses via land roads that link the province with different areas across the country …

  • 5 January

    Deir Ezzor city restores vitality with steady return of its displaced residents-VIDEO

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- The strategic city of Deir Ezzor has begun to restore its vitality after two months of the liberation achieved by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army. …

December, 2017

  • 14 December

    US-led coalition airstrikes kill 23 civilians in Deir Ezzor

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- Airstrikes by the US-led international coalition killed 23 civilians in the village of al-Jurze Sharqi in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province. “At least 23 civilians, …

June, 2017

  • 27 June

    42 civilians killed in US-led coalition new massacre in al-Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor

    Deir Ezzor, SANA- At least 42 civilians have been killed in a series of airstrikes by the US- led international coalition on al-Mayadeen city in the eastern country of Deir …

May, 2017

  • 20 May

    15 civilians killed, 63 injured in ISIS terrorist attack with mortar shells in Deir Ezzor

    Deir Ezzor, SANA – 15 civilians were killed while 63 others, most of whom are women and children, were injured in an ISIS terrorist attacks with mortar shells on Harabesh …

  • 20 May

    Food packages delivered to children in Deir Ezzor

    Deir Ezzor, SANA – The Relief sub-committee, in cooperation with the branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Deir Ezzor, distributed food packages, child milk and high-energy materials to …

  • 16 May

    A child killed, 21 persons injured in terrorist rocket and shell attack in Daraa and Deir Ezzor provinces

    Provinces, SANA-  A child was killed and 20 other people were injured, among them 15 children and women, due to terrorist attack by shells on the citizens’ houses in Deir …