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Health>>Minister: damages of the terrorist attack on al-Kindi hospital estimated at 1.5 billion SYP

Minister: damages of the terrorist attack on al-Kindi hospital estimated at 1.5 billion SYP

Dec 22, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)-Minister of Higher Education Malek Ali said on Sunday that the attack on al-Kindi hospital in Aleppo by armed terrorist groups is a condemned act which comes within a series of armed groups’ aggressions on the Syrian state capabilities and infrastructure.

“The attack on al-Kindi university hospital by terrorists, supported by regional, western powers is an attack on the humanity as it offers medical, health services to all cities for free,” the Minister said in a statement to SANA.

He added that the cost of the damage caused to the hospital is estimated at 1.5 billion SYP.

“Al-Kindi hospital is one of the educational hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of higher Education, since its establishment in 2003, it has offered thousands of different medical services to the citizens as it was equipped with the up-to-date medical sets,” the Minister said.

Terrorists attacked the hospital with two car bombs causing huge damages to the building and destroying its medical equipment.


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