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Health>>Minister of Health: Scale of Damage Caused by Terrorist Attacks to Health Sector Estimated at SYP 7 Billion

Minister of Health: Scale of Damage Caused by Terrorist Attacks to Health Sector Estimated at SYP 7 Billion

Nov 28, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Minister of Health, Saad al-Nayef, estimated the scale of damage cause by the terrorist groups' attacks to the health sector at SYP 7 billion, adding that the national health sector is facing great challenges under current circumstances.

The Minister was speaking in front of the Budget Committee at the People's Assembly which discussed the report presented by the Ministry of Health on its plans for 2013.

The minister said that 25 hospitals, 105 health centers and 150 ambulances went out of service due to the armed terrorist groups' attacks.

The minister said that these challenges and difficulties delayed the implementation of a large number of projects, stressing that the medical staffs and equipment art hospitals and health centers helped the sector to face all circumstances, adding that the locally-manufactured medicines cover 93% of needs.

He said that the Ministry is providing its needs of medicine for cancer and other chronic diseases and vaccines through grants, loans or direct purchase from other countries such as Iran, Korea and Russia, adding that there is a factory for manufacturing cancer drugs already in service while another factory will begin operation in the beginning of the next year.

He added that the Ministry's priorities in the current stage focus on the emergency sector and providing vaccines and medicines for chronic diseases, in addition to providing best healthcare services to citizens at the temporary makeshift centers to prevent the spread of epidemics.

Regarding pharmaceutical industries, al-Nayef said that 10 out of 67 pharmaceutical factories went out of service because of the armed terrorist groups' transgressions, stressing that all medicine are available and the main problem lies in means of delivering them.

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