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The Reality of Events>>The Army Confronts Terrorists' Attack, Inflicts Losses upon Gunmen

The Army Confronts Terrorists' Attack, Inflicts Losses upon Gunmen

May 13, 2013

PROVINCES, SANA_ An army unit on Monday confronted an armed terrorist group was trying to attack a military checkpoint in Daraa countryside, leaving its members dead or wounded, a military source said.

The source said that units of our armed forces devastated terrorists' dens in the villages of Saison, al-Shebraq, Jamleh, al-Nafe'a, Sahm al-Golan, al-Shajara, Koieh, in the province countryside, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

Army Units Eliminate Terrorists in Aleppo and Its Countryside

Army units destroyed a number of terrorist hideouts along with terrorists, weapons and munitions inside them in the village of Ein Daqneh and near the Agricultural Research Center in the town of Mennegh in Aleppo countryside.

Other units eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others near the glass factory, al-Saif factory, the agriculture department and Tallet al-Madafe in al-Maslamiye area, destroying three mortar launcher and a missile launcher which terrorists had been using to attack nearby towns and villages.

Army units also eliminated terrorist gatherings near al-Wudaihi quarries in Khan Toman and near al-Daqqaq factory in Khan al-Asal area.

In Aleppo city, Army units clashed with terrorists near the health services center in Bustan al-Qaser, the schools area in Sheikh Maqsoud, and in the factories area in al-Layramoun, injuring and killing a number of them.

Heavy Losses Inflicted upon Terrorists in Idleb Countryside

An army unit confronted an armed terrorist group that tried to attack Abu al-Dohour Airport in Idleb, killing all its members.

A military source told SANA that an army unit killed another terrorist group and destroyed a mortar launcher in al-Taraa in Idleb Countryside.

The source added that army units confronted terrorist groups that attempted to attack a Youth Camp and brick factory in Idleb Countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A bulldozer rigged with seven tons of explosives was destroyed in the surrounding area of the Youth Camp as two machinegun-equipped vehicles also were destroyed.

In the town of Jidar Bakfalon, an Army unit eliminated terrorists from the so-called "Liwa'a al-Tawhid," including their "spiritual leader" Ziyad al-Sayyed Issa, aka Abu al-Tuqa.

In the village of Oum Jerrin south of Abu al-Duhour airport, a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured and their equipment was destroyed.

Army Units Dismantle Several Explosive Devices in Idleb Countryside

A unit of the Armed Forces foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate 10 explosive devices on Nahlia junction on al-Mastouma-Areha road in Idleb countryside.

An official source told SANA that the weight of the explosive devices ranged between 30-40Kgs and they were set to be detonated remotely.

The source added that another Army unit dismantled 3 explosive devices planted by terrorists on Idleb Sermin road, weighing between 25-70Kgs  

Stability Restored to Damineh al-Gharbyeh in al-Qseir , Homs

Army units restored security and stability to al-Damineh al-Gharbyeh in al-Qseir countryside in Homs Province after destroying the remaining terrorists' gatherings and hideouts in the town.

An official source told SANA reporter that tens of explosive devices of different weights were dismantled, as many hideouts were destroyed with all weapons and terrorists inside.

Earlier, army units restored stability and security to Ish al-Warwar and al-Haydaryeh towns in the northern countryside of al-Qseir.

The Army inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists near the towns of villages of Oum al-Sakhr, al-Andalos, Kisin, al-Hamidiye, al-Haydariye, al-Buwayda al-Sharqiye, al-Daba'a, and al-Ghanto in Homs countryside, destroying a number of heavy machineguns used by terrorists.

An Army unit eliminated terrorists who attempted to break into al-Rashed arm near Talbiseh, destroying their weapons and a bulldozer they were using.

In Homs city, Army units continued to pursue terrorist groups in the neighborhoods of al-Khalidiye, Wadi al-Sayeh and al-Qarabis, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists, Including non-Syrians, Killed in Lattakia Countryside

Army units destroyed a field hospital, terrorists' gatherings and hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra leaders in Salma, Beit Hleibyeh and al-Tuffahyeh villages in Lattakia countryside, killing all the terrorists inside and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

A military source told SANA that the bodies of the Libyan terrorist Jamal Abdul-Salam, the Saudi terrorist Omar al-Assiri and the Egyptian terrorist Ahmad Abdul-Wareth and Hamad Anas al-Habbal were identified among the dead.

Terrorist Killed while Planting Explosive Device in Hama

A Terrorist was killed while he was planting an explosive device near Abdul Rahman Bin Aouf Mosque in al-Qusour neighborhood in Hama.

An official source told SANA that the explosion resulted in the killing of the terrorist who was planting the explosive device, in addition to material damage in the site.

Army Destroys Explosive Device Workshop, Eliminates Scores of Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

The Syrian Army carried out a series of qualitative operations against the gatherings of the armed terrorist groups in Damascus Countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that units of the army eliminated members of an armed terrorist group in Darayya.

The source added that a den of an armed terrorist group was razed in Douma city.

Units of the armed forces pursued an armed terrorist group in Yalda town and killed several terrorists, including a Jordanian terrorist.

Meanwhile, an explosive device workshop was destroyed in Jobar town.  

In Hijira town, a number of terrorists , including a terrorist from Afghanistan, were killed.    

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