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The Reality of Events>>Thirty-FourMartyrs, Remnants in 10 Medical Covers and Scores of Injured People in Two Car Bomb Blasts in Jaramana

Thirty-FourMartyrs, Remnants in 10 Medical Covers and Scores of Injured People in Two Car Bomb Blasts in Jaramana

Nov 28, 2012

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA)- Terrorists on Wednesdayblew uptwo car bombs loaded with large amounts of explosives in the Main Square in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside, killing a number of citizens and injuring others and causing huge material damage to the residential buildings and shops.

A source at the Interior Ministry told SANA reporter that the death toll of the two car bomb blasts reached 34 martyrs and remnants in 10 medical covers.

The source added that the bombings also resulted in injuring 83 people and caused heavy damage to 6 residential buildings and tens of cars parking in the explosion site.

Meanwhile, a source at al-Muwasat Hospital that the bodies of 33 martyrs were received, in addition to 20 injured people, including women, some in critical situation.

Asource at Damascus Hospital pointed out that 41 injured people, including women, were admitted to the hospital to be treated.

SANA reporter in al-Radi and Jaramana hospitals said tens of wounded people were received and given first aid, while serious injuries were transferred to al-Muwasat and Damascus hospitals.

SANA reporter said the two terroristbombings coincided with the detonation of two explosive devices by terrorists in al-Nahda and al-Qerayyat neighborhoods in the city.

Theexplosive device blastsresulted in minor material damage.

Visiting the injured in al-Muwasat Hospital, Minister of Higher Education, Mohammad Yehya Moalla, stressed that the timing of the terrorist bombings was intended to cause harm to the largest number of citizens, describing them as "heinous and inhuman".

He indicated the readiness of all educational hospitals, particularly al-Muwasat, to receive all citizens and provide them with necessary medical services, hailing the efforts of its nursing, medical and administrative staffs in shouldering their responsibilities to ensure the best healthcare services.

On the other hand, Governor of Damascus Countryside, Hussein Makhlouf, described Jaramana terrorist bombings as "the most horrible crimes" against innocent citizens while they were heading to their workplaces, schools and universities.

He added that those who are behind the bombings made use of the Syrian's good will who rushed to help the injured to carry out the second bombing and cause more victims.

Touring Jaramana and al-Muwasat hospitals, Makhlouf said that targeting Jaramana by the armed terrorist groups for many times reflect these terrorist groups' hatred and grudge on its residents who rejected extremism and the involvement on the conspiracy against their country.

A Number of the Martyrs Escorted to Final Resting Place

In a solemn procession, a number ofJaramana terrorist bombings martyrs were escorted to their final resting place with wide official and popular participation.

Thousands of locals participated in the funeral ceremonyheld forthe martyrswho fell in the two terrorist bombings which hit the main square in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.

Speeches delivered at the funeral ceremonyhailed the glory of martyrdom and the Syrian people's sacrifices to defend the homeland's sovereignty and independence.

The participants' speeches stressed that terrorists' targeting of children and residential areas will not undermine the Syrians' determination to combat and eliminate terrorism.

They added that the scheme to dominate Syria and undermine its national unity will fail, indicating that all spectrums of the Syrian people will stand steadfast against all attempts to destroy their unity.

Families of the martyrs held the U.S., France and their agents in the region who supply terrorists with money and arms responsible for the blood of their sons.

They affirmed that the repeated terrorist attacks against Jaramana city and residents will not prevent them from standing side by side with their state and the Syrian army in the face of extremism and terrorism which the homeland's enemies try to justify under fake slogans that call for freedom and democracy.








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