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The Reality of Events>>Dozens of Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Hideouts Stormed in Several Areas, Oil Transfer Pipeline Detonated in Hasaka 

Dozens of Terrorists Killed in Aleppo, Hideouts Stormed in Several Areas, Oil Transfer Pipeline Detonated in Hasaka 

Sep 27, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) - Military forces on Thursday carried out a number of qualitative operations, killing dozens of terrorists near al-Orouba Club and the Sport Institution in Bustan al-Basha area in the city of Aleppo.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the army also targeted two gatherings for terrorists in al-kallaseh neighborhood in the city and killed them all.

Another unit of the army destroyed 8 cars loaded with ammunition and weapons of terrorists at the Hader to the south of the city.

A 23 mm antiaircraft, mortar and a gathering for terrorists were destroyed at al-Sakan al-shababi neighborhood in Hanano, Aleppo.

The source added that units of the armed forces clashed with a large number of terrorists near Huzaifa Mosque in Bustan al-Qasr, Souq al-Hal, Souq al-Fostouq and the Bab Antakya area, killing dozens of them and injuring others.

In the old city of Aleppo, the source said that the army units A unit of the armed forces targeted gatherings for terrorists near Penguin factory in al-Haidaryeh neighborhood, Omar Bin Abdel-Aziz Hospital, the School of Independence in al-Salhin neighborhood, Souq al-Khabiyeh, the area surrounding the mosque in Qastal Haram and near the health center in al-Marjeh neighborhood, in addition to targeting another terrorist gathering at al-Bazeh Square.

The operation resulted in killing dozens of them.

Elderly Man Martyred, Child Injured in Mortar Shell in Aleppo

An armed terrorist group fired a mortar shell that landed on al-Youssef family house in al-Maari area in al-Sulaimaniya neighborhood in Aleppo, killing Youssef al-Youssef, 70 years old and Said al-Youssef, 10 years old, and injuring Nahla al-Youssef, 12 years , Zohair, 30 years, Malek, 8 years and Mohammad, 10 years.

A source in the government told SANA that the terrorist groups are punishing the citizens for their objection to terrorism in Aleppo.

Terrorists Open Fire on Citizens Protesting against Terrorist Groups in al-Marjeh, Aleppo

Citizens in al-Marjeh neighborhood in Aleppo protested against the armed terrorist groups, asking that they leave the neighborhood.

A number of terrorists from Abdul-Jabbar al-Nabhan and Mkheibar al-Shaghel terrorist groups fired on the protesting citizens.

24 DShK-equipped Vehicles Destroyed in Countryside of Aleppo

In Aleppo countryside, a unit of the armed forces destroyed four DShK-equipped vehicles with all the terrorists inside at Maskaneh, in addition to destroying 9 vehicles and a car carrying gunmen and weapons in Khan al-Asal.

Meanwhile, the armed forces destroyed 3 DShK-equipped vehicles in al-Bab area in the countryside of Aleppo, in addition to destroying 6 others and killing the terrorists inside in al-Khafseh area in the countryside of the province.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the army forces destroyed 5 cars loaded with ammunition and weapons at al-Bab area, in addition to destroying a warehouse for ammunition and a truck for smuggling weapons in Mare'.

The source added that two vehicles equipped with DShK machineguns in Maskaneh were destroyed as well as a base for terrorists at Daret Azzeh.

A source in the province indicated that disputes have erupted between terrorist groups over dividing stolen items in Jandris in the countryside of Aleppo and shifted to clashes causing the killing and injuring some of them.

Army Cleans Jubar Neighborhood in Damascus from Terrorists 

Units of the Syrian Arab army, in qualitative operation, accomplished cleaning Jubar neighborhood in Damascus from the terrorists, causing heavy losses among them.

A military source told SANA reporter that a number of terrorists were killed while many others arrested.

The source added that the army discovered a field hospital near the Industrial Secondary School including modern medical equipment that were stolen by the terrorists from the public hospitals.  

Army Destroys 15 DSHK-Equipped cars, eliminate terrorists At Abu al-Dhour in Idleb

A unit of the Army carried out a qualitative operation targeting a gathering for the mercenary terrorists at Abu al-Dhour area in Idleb countryside, causing heavy losses among them.  

A source in Idleb told SANA reporter that the operation led to destroying 15 DSHK-equipped cars and killing all the terrorists.  

Terrorists Killed in Hama, Weapons Seized

Authorities on Thursday stormed a terrorists' hideout in Mashaa al-Arbaeen area in the city of Hama and seized a large amount of weapons.

SANA reporter said the seized weapons included Russian rifles, charges and RBGs.

In the countryside of Hama, a unit of the armed forces ambushed an armed terrorist group near al-Hawash town in al-Ghab region that was commiting sabotage acts in the surrounding villages.

SANA reporter said the army members inflicted heavy losses upon the group's members, killing and injuring all of them.

Terrorists' Den Raided, Weapons and Stolen Medicines Confiscated in Daraa

In Daraa, authorities confiscated amounts of weapons during raiding a den of the armed terrorist groups in Nawa area in the countryside of the province.

A source told SANA reporter that the seized weapons included three machineguns, a large number of chargers and a big amount of stolen medicines.

The source said all the terrorists inside the den were killed.

Terrorists Killed, Weapons and Ammunition Confiscated  in Daraa Countryside

The armed forces' units continued crackdown on the terrorists in Dael and Ibta' in Daraa countryside and clashed with them. An official source said that the pursuit left big numbers of terrorists dead.

The terrorists Osama Mohammad Rushdi al-Moussa, Louay al-Taani, Ahmad Fadel al-Noseirat, Mohammad Saleh al-Hariri and Yasser Abu Kanoun were identified among the dead.

A unit of the armed forces ambushed an armed terrorist group that attacked citizens in Om Walad village in Daraa countryside, killing the terrorists Adnan Ahmad Lotfi and Doreid Ahmad al-Wa'i. 

Meanwhile, the authorities confiscated big amounts of weapons, ammunition and stolen medical equipment from terrorists' dens in Dael and Nawa areas in Daraa countryside.

SANA quoted a source in the governorate as saying that the seized weapons in Dael included PKC machinegun, two hand grenades, 24 shells and bullets, as well as stolen medical equipment.

The source added that the seized weapons in Nawa included three automatic rifles and big quantities of stolen weapons.

The source indicated that all terrorists in the den in Nawa were killed. The terrorist Ayham Abdullah al-Jahmani was identified among the dead.

700-m Tunnel Used by Terrorists to Smuggle Weapons Uncovered in Homs

The authorities uncovered a 700-meter tunnel extending from Jouret al-Shaiyah neighborhood to al-Ghouteh and the Orontes River though Nizar Qabbani roundabout in the city of Homs.

The tunnel was used by terrorists to move and smuggle weapons into the city.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the 700-m tunnel is 280-cm wide and 220-cm high.

The source added that the authorities seized masks, stolen Oxygen cylinders and a number of stretchers to transport injured and killed terrorists.

Weapons Cars, Terrorists' Gatherings Destroyed in Homs

On Wednesday evening, authorities destroyed a number of cars for the terrorists which were loaded with weapons and ammunition near al-Zohouri Mosque in al-Qseir city in Homs province.

SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that that the authorities killed all the terrorists inside the cars.

The source added that military engineering units dismantled 3 explosive devices planted by an armed terrorist group on Rableh-al-Ziraa road in al-Qseir countryside. The explosive devices weighed 50 kg each.

SANA reporter said that authorities targeted gatherings of terrorists in al-Rastan city, killing and injuring a large number of them.

The authorities also clashed with an armed terrorist group who tried to attack the citizens and law enforcement personnel at al-Ziaraa and al-Shayahat in al-Qseir countryside, Homs.

A source in Homs told SANA that the authorities killed 15 terrorists and injured many others during the clashes.

Oil Transfer Pipeline Detonated, Director of Oil Station Kidnapped by Terrorists in Hasaka

In Hasaka, an armed terrorist group on Wednesday evening detonated a crude oil transfer pipeline in Um Madfaa area in the south of the province. The pipeline connects Tal Adas fuel station with Abiyad station.

SANA reporter quoted a source at Abiyad station as saying that the explosion took place in a valves chamber causing a big fire due to the leak of crude oil.

The source added that pumping oil in the pipelines stopped, and the valves closed, stressing that the firefighters are working to extinguish the fire.

Another armed terrorist group kidnapped engineer Ayman Shaqqouf, director of Tal al-Baida oil station in Hasaka province.

A unit of the armed forces repelled an armed terrorist group in Tal Abiad in Raqqa countryside and killed big numbers of them, and destroyed three DShK-equipped cars with the terrorists inside.

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