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The Reality of Events>>Explosive Device Explodes behind Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, Mikdad: All UNSMIS Members are Safe

Explosive Device Explodes behind Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, Mikdad: All UNSMIS Members are Safe

Aug 15, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- An explosive device on Wednesday exploded behind Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

The device was attached by an armed terrorist group under a diesel tank.


The explosion resulted in the ignition of the tank, injury of three persons and minor material damage in the surrounding area.

Mikdad: All UNSMIS Members are Safe, None of them Wounded by the Terrorist Attack

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, said that all the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) members and their properties are safe and none of them was wounded by the terrorist attack which took place near their residence at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

During his visit to Dama Rose Hotel Mikdad told reporters that "The terrorist explosion is another attempt by those who seek to distort the civilized image of Syria and its people," adding that from the start of the UNSMIS mission in Syria, our main goal was supporting and protecting them, thanks God none of them was hurt during their mission."


He underscored that this criminal act reflects the heinous campaign against Syria and the criminal and barbarian nature of those who lead and support it from inside or outside Syria.

Mikdad said "Syria will not be affected by such terrorist explosions and will continue its cooperation with the United Nations and will exert all efforts to protect its mission and enable observers to play their role appropriately.

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister said that what happened is terrorism and it should be halted, calling on the international community, the UN and the Security Council to work together against terrorism.

Mikdad said that terrorism is an international phenomenon, pointing out that "after September 11th events in the US and other attacks which hit Europe, Asia and Africa , we unified ourselves and worked together in several ways and today we have to unite all together to combat terrorism".



Later, Minister of Tourism, eng. Hala Naser, visited Dama Rose Hotel and inspected the situation of its departments, the workers and the guests, including the UN observers.

Minister Naser affirmed that no serious material or human damage was caused due to the terrorist attack, calling for increasing efforts to improve the services provided at all the tourist institutions.

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