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The Reality of Events>>Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Aleppo, Lattakia, Homs, Deir Ezzor and Hama

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Aleppo, Lattakia, Homs, Deir Ezzor and Hama

Jul 29, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Security authorities on Saturday clashed with an armed terrorist group in a car in al-Furqan neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, killing and arresting its members.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the clashes resulted in killing two of the terrorists and arresting three others, in addition to seizing their weapons and car.

In the neighborhood of Sleiman al-Halabi in the city, security authorities set an armed terrorist group up, after being informed of its movement, and clashed with its members who were driving a car in the neighborhood.

The terrorists were killed in the clashes and their car was destroyed, with their weapons seized by the authorities.

Meanwhile, security authorities chased an armed terrorist group in the neighborhood of al-Ansari al-Sharqi and clashed with its members, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The weapons and car of the terrorists were seized by the authorities, in addition to two wireless communication devices and a Thuraya satellite device.

Authorities in Aleppo pursued  an armed terrorist group which tried to attack the Police station in al-Midan district in Aleppo.

SANA reporter said that clashes resulted in killing the armed terrorist group,  destroying their car and seizing their weapons and ammunitions.

Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Losses Upon Terrorists in Saladin Neighborhood in Aleppo

Also in Aleppo city, a unit from the Syrian armed forces clashed with a terrorist group in Saladin neighborhood, with an official source saying the armed forces managed to inflict heavy losses upon the terrorists.

The source added that a fire broke out in the basement level of a residential building which resulted in the explosion of a workshop used by terrorists for manufacturing explosives, leading to the death of the terrorists there.

The source affirmed that the pursuit of terrorists is ongoing until the entire neighborhood is cleared from them and security is restored to the locals.

On a relevant note, authorities in al-Iza'a neighborhood arrested four terrorists who were transporting two other terrorists injured in a conflict that took place in al-Sukkari neighborhood, confiscating their car and their weapons which included two AK-47 rifles and a handgun.

Terrorists Attempt to Attack al-Baath Party Branch in Daret Azzah, Aleppo Countryside, Suffer Heavy Losses

The authorities confronted an armed terrorist group that attempted to break into the building of al-Baath Party branch in Daret Azzah, Aleppo Countryside.

A source told SANA that the authorities inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists and confiscated weapons and ammo.

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Lattakia Countryside

In the countryside of Lattakia province, security authorities chased down members of the armed terrorist groups in the town of Salma and the surrounding villages and forests.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the terrorists suffered heavy losses at the hands of the security authorities.

Authorities Clash with Terrorist Groups in Homs In Homs province, the authorities, in cooperation with residents, clashed with two terrorist groups near al-Baladiyeh roundabout in al-Rastan city in Homs killing and wounding dozens of them.

The authorities also caused heavy losses to the bases of the terrorist groups in the city, a source in the province said.

Authorities Confront Terrorists' Attack from inside Lebanese Territories

In the same context, border guards and authorities confronted a terrorist attack by armed terrorist groups from inside the Lebanese territories.

A source in Homs province said that the terrorists targeted border posts of al-Armouta, Shahira and al-Reidaniyeh in Tal Khalakh countryside with mortars and RPGs as their infiltration attempt into Syria was foiled.

The clash resulted in heavy losses upon members of the armed terrorist groups.

Terrorists Killed in al-Sultaniyeh, al-Hamidiyeh Neighborhoods in Homs

On the outskirts of Homs, an armed terrorist group driving a microbus was ambushed by security authorities in al-Sultaniyeh neighborhood, suffering heavy losses with its vehicle destroyed.

In another context, a source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities raided a den for terrorist groups in al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood in the city of Homs and clashed with the terrorists, leaving them dead or injured.

Authorities Repell Terrorist Group's Attack on Security Personnel in al-Qseir 

In al-Qseir city, the authorities repelled an armed terrorist group that attacked law enforcement personnel, killing 8 of its members and wounding 15 others.

Terrorists Killed and Injured in Blast While Setting Explosives in al-Shawader Street in Homs City

A large explosion took place in al-Shawader street in al-Khalidiye neighborhood in Homs city before Iftar time (before 7:45 PM) on Friday.

An official source told SANA that the explosion occurred when a terrorist group was planting explosives in the street and its buildings, and that a large number of terrorists were killed or wounded in the blast.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in Deir Ezzor, Inflict Heavy Losses on Them

Authorities in Deir Ezzor pursued on Saturday armed terrorist groups and killed and wounded scores of them.

SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor added that the authorities killed an armed terrorist group and destroyed a mortar that the terrorists were using in Deir Ezzor countryside.

Leaders and Members of Terrorist Groups Arrested in Hama Countryside

Responding to demands by locals, a Syrian armed forces unit raided the hideouts of terrorist groups in al-Ghab area in Hama countryside, arresting a number of these groups' leaders and members, confiscating large amounts of weapon and ammo, and destroying 4WD cars used by the terrorists.

An official source told SANA that based upon information from locals of al-Asharneh, Hosh al-Asharneh, Kernaz, al-Mughir and al-Sheikh Hadid villages who informed the authorities that terrorists are running amok in these villages, an armed forces unit raided these terrorists' hideouts and arrested a large number of them, while the rest were killed or injured.

The unit destroyed two 4WD cars equipped with DShK machineguns and confiscated weapons including a PKC machinegun, automatic rifles, pump-action shotguns, RPG launchers, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), in addition to advanced communication devices and satellite broadcasting equipment.

The armed forces also recovered a number of state-owned cars stolen by the terrorists.

Also in Hama countryside, specifically in the village of al-Twaineh west of al-Madiq Castle, the authorities pursued a terrorist group and engaged them, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

A source at the province told SANA that among the terrorists who were killed are Mohammad Haj Mohammad Abu Knaj, Rashid Rahil Rashid, Wael Khaled Freja and Ma'amound Ulesha.

In cooperation with locals, the authorities raided a terrorist hideout in the Industrial zone in al-Salamiyeh, Hama countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists, arresting a number of them and confiscating a large amount of weapons.

Authorities pursue terrorists in Daraa Countryside

In Daraa city, authorities stormed armed terrorist group's hideouts in Busra al-Sham district.

SANA reporter in Daraa said that the authorities inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists.

Lebanese Army Arrests Lebanese and Syrian Attempting to Smuggle Weapons Into Syria

The Lebanese Army arrested two men, a Lebanese and a Syrian, who were attempting to smuggle weapons into Syria.

A source at the Lebanese Army intelligence told al-Manar TV that they arrested a Lebanese man from the border town of Tafil and a Syrian whose last name is Kahloun as they were transporting firearms, silences, sniper scopes and ammunition.

The source said that the arrested was made in Ein al-Jouzeh area in the town of Brital in al-Biqa'a.

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