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The Reality of Events>>Moralli Confesses to Falsifying News on Situation in Lattakia, Traveling to Turkey to Get Acquainted to Financer of Gunmen

Moralli Confesses to Falsifying News on Situation in Lattakia, Traveling to Turkey to Get Acquainted to Financer of Gunmen

Jun 19, 2012

DAMASCUS, SANA_ Alaa Mazen Moralli confessed to acting as an eyewitness and fabricating false news on events in Lattakia for al-Jazeera channel, the partner in the Syrian bloodshed.

In her confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Monday, Moralli confessed that she gave untrue information about the situation in Lattakia, then she went to Turkey and was introduced to those who finance and provide gunmen with weapons and money. Later, she returned home with forged passport.

She said I knew Aisha Jablawyeh through Facebook and we were talking about the events in Syria. "Jablawyeh encouraged me to work as a correspondent for al-Jazeera TV using the name of Binan al-Hassan."

"When I met Aisha in her house in al-Ezza neighborhood, she told me that her real name was Nora Kanafani." Moralli said.

She stressed that she had started work with al-Jazeera in October 2011 and began to fabricate information on the situation in Lattakia." I used to read news written earlier by the channel on a campaign of arrests and storming."

"Aisha told me that the security forces are wearing civilian clothes and roaming the streets. But I didn't see anything of that neither in Jable where I live nor in Lattakia," Moralli said.

She added "later, I get acquainted to someone else who is responsible for coordination body named Tarek Badra. Badra has relations with foreign sides and with Ammar al-Qurabi who was sending him money, Thuraya communication devices and laptops illegally."

Morelli noted that Badra asked her to visit Turkey on the pretext that she is wanted by the security forces.

She confessed that her last contact with al-Jazeera was done last December, then Nora contacted her to say that her name was on the list of security forces and should stop her activities soon.

Moralli said she had traveled to Turkey and stayed there for a while before returning to Syria.

She said that all coordination bodies are working to tear up the homeland and mobilize the World public opinion against Syria to make it a pool of blood after it was a safe country.

Mazen / Ghossoun

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