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Eighteen Army and Law Enforcement Martyrs Laid to Rest

Mar 22, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Eighteen army and law enforcement martyrs on Thursday were escorted from Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus to their final resting place.

Solemn funeral processions were held for the martyrs who were targeted by armed terrorist groups while they were in the line of duty in Daraa, Homs and Hama.

The martyrs are:

- Conscript Joma Okeidi Sheikho from Aleppo.

- Sergeant Ali Khaled Ibrahim from Idleb.

- Corporal Conscript Wael Ahmad Awad from Hasaka.

- Conscript Rashid Qassem Rashid from Deir-Ezzour.

- Conscript Mohammad Kheir Mohammad al-Ahmad from Raqqa.

- Conscript Abboud al-Hamadi al-Mani from Deir Ezzour.

- Corporal Conscript Salaman Abd al-Salem from Raqqa.

- Conscript Ahmad Saleh al-Ali from Hasaka.

- Conscript Salah Seido Mohammad from Aleppo.

- Sergeant Ahmad Ali al-Mohammad from Hama.

- Conscript Alaa-Eddin Ali al-Ali from Aleppo Countryside.

- Sergeant Rabie Ali Othman from Lattakia.

- Sergeant Khalil Ahmad al-Zaal from Deir-Ezzour.

- Sergeant Farouq Bozan Bakr from Raqqa.

- Conscript Abdul-Baset Abdullah al-Naasan from Aleppo.

- Conscript Yahem Mahmoud Khalouf from Hama.

- Conscript Ahmad Hamed al-Khodr from Raqqa.

- Chief Warrant Officer Rami Abbas Mohammad from Tartous.

The martyrs' families called for confronting the terrorists in order to restore Syria's security and stability, expressing confidence in the ability of the Syrian people to overcome the crisis through adhering to national unity.

They condemned the criminal acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups backed by some Arab and Western countries.

R. Milhem / H. Said

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