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The Reality of Events>>Terrorists Detonate Houses, Attack University Housing in Homs

Terrorists Detonate Houses, Attack University Housing in Homs<

Feb 14, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Armed terrorist groups on Tuesday detonated some citizens' houses in different neighborhoods of Homs City to spread panic, film the explosions and send the footage to some satellite channels to accuse the Syrian army and law-enforcement members of committing such crimes .

Authorities continue pursuing these groups' members with firm determination to restore security and stability in Syria.

At Baba Amr neighborhood, the law-enforcement forces discovered tunnels used by the armed terrorist groups to smuggle arms and move from one place to another.

Another armed terrorist group attacked with shells and machineguns the University Housing in Homs City causing great damage to the building, spreading fear among students and forcing the students to leave their units.

Authorities Storm a Den of Armed Terrorist Groups in Damascus Countryside, Confiscate Amounts of Explosive Devices

Authorities stormed a den of armed terrorist groups in Harasta district in Damascus countryside and confiscated large amounts of explosive devices set to be remotely detonated.


SANA reporter said that the authorities also confiscated tools for making explosive devices and materials to make explosives as well as 3 Kalashnikovs and a number of military suits.

Four Employees Wounded by Terrorists Gunfire, Terrorists Burglarize Truck Loaded with Flour in Hama

Four employees, working for Hama Lead Company,  were wounded on Monday by an armed terrorist groups' gunfire in Hama countryside.

An informed source told SANA reporter that an armed terrorist group attacked a bus coming from Kawkab village to the company, northern the city of Hama, as four employees were wounded some of them are in a grave situation.

The source added that an armed terrorist group burglarized a Pickup carrying mill workers and attacked them and stole the car.

In the same context, the informed source told SANA reporter that four terrorists robbed a double-cabin car belonging to Hama Electricity Station.

Another armed terrorist group burglarized a truck carrying 26 tons of flour in Hama countryside, the source added.

Authorities found yesterday the body of citizen Mulham Hassan al-Ahmad after an armed terrorist group abducted him three days ago.

Authorities Confiscate Weapons in Terrorist Hideout in al-Baroudiyeh Neighborhood in Hama

After receiving tips from the locals, the authorities in Hama city raided a terrorist hideout in al-Baroudiyeh neighborhood in the city, arresting a number of terrorist.

An official source told SANA's correspondent that the hideout contained various types of assault rifles, an RPG launcher and rounds, dynamite sticks, a walkie-talkie, military uniforms, ammo, fake license plates, and a field hospital.

The authorities also seized a stolen governmental Cham car which was fitted with fake license plates, arresting three wanted men who were in it.

The car contained 20 assault rifles, a PKC machinegun, an RPG launcher with rounds, 15 military pouches, two grenades, machinegun ammo, three ammo belts, 48 magazines and ammo, in addition to a military uniform, masks and a walkie-talkie.

F.Allafi/al-Ibrahim / H. Sabbagh

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