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The Reality of Events>>Terrorists Shell Homs Refinery, Detonate Explosive Device under Railway Bridge in Idleb Countryside…Weapons Seized in Daraa, Palmyra

Terrorists Shell Homs Refinery, Detonate Explosive Device under Railway Bridge in Idleb Countryside…Weapons Seized in Daraa, Palmyra

Feb 10, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA)–Lieutenant Colonel Ammar al-Jurf and Chief Warrant Officer Tarek Suleiman were martyred on Thursday while serving their duty in combating armed groups in al-Qassir town in Homs countryside.

Also two law-enforcement members were martyred while few others injured by the gunfire of armed terrorist groups in al-Qassir.

Armed terrorist groups booby-trapped few buildings, alleys and streets in the city and detonated a number of explosive devices.

Meanwhile, other armed terrorist groups set up barriers on some roads and streets and burned tires while other groups stormed into some shops and houses and stole their contents, in addition to burglarizing few cars.

Authorities Seize Stolen Archeological Pieces, Explosives, Detonators and Medical Equipments in Palmyra

In the same context, Authorities foiled an attempt to steal a car carrier truck in Daraa.

SANA correspondent said that the thieves attacked the car carrier truck near Um al-Mayadeen Bridge with the aim of stealing the cars it carries when the authorities interfered and arrested some of them.

On the other hand, three civilians were injured by explosive device blast near Mahjeh Bridge in Daraa Countryside, no victims were reported.

In Homs countryside, authorities raided some farms to the south of Palmyra City where they found 16 stolen archeological pieces, in addition to seizing things which were stolen from Dedeman Hotel which the groups attacked a few days ago.

SANA correspondent reported that the authorities recovered a number of stolen state and private vehicles and seized explosives detonators and medical equipment.

The authorities discovered trenches which the terrorists used in their attacks against the civilians and law-enforcement forces.

The armed terrorist groups continued its attack on Homs refinery shelling seven mortars since 1:00 am till 6:00 am and no damages were reported.

The competent authorities interfered in al-Qassir, chased and arrested a number of terrorists.

Competent Authorities Raid House of a Terrorist in Daraa, Seize Weapons

The competent authorities raided on Thursday the house of a terrorist in Taseel town in Daraa. SANA correspondent said that 14 boxes of mines, 6 boxes of TNT charges, 2000 meter-detonating fuse, 32 anti-tank mines, 7 boxes of ammunition, two boxes of MD detonators and a box of electrical detonators were seized from the house.

The competent authorities also seized explosive charges and a hand-made rocket, 20 explosive devices, some weighing 50 kg, cylinders primed for explosion, a stolen car and automatic weapons.

Armed Terrorist Group Blows up Explosive Device under Railway Bridge in Idleb Countryside

An armed terrorist group detonated an explosive device under a railway bridge west of Ma'ardes village in Idleb countryside.

SANA correspondent said that the bombing inflicted damage to the bridge, adding that no human losses were reported.

Explosive Device Planted in al-Shifa' Mosque Minaret in Hama Dismantled

Competent authorities in Hama dismantled an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group in the minaret of al-Shifa' Mosque in al-Hamidiyyeh neighborhood in the city.

The device weighs 15 kg and was primed to be detonated remotely.

The terrorist group planted the device to blow up the minaret and accuse the army and security forces of the incident so as to be exploited by instigative channels, as was the case with Othman Bin Affan Mosque Minaret in Deir Ezzor.

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