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The Reality of Events>>Two Law-Enforcement Members, Four Citizens Martyred in Idleb, Others Injured

Two Law-Enforcement Members, Four Citizens Martyred in Idleb, Others Injured

Jan 17, 2012

IDLEB/HOMS,(SANA)- Two law-enforcement members on Tuesday were martyred and two employees were injured at Idleb Central Prison after an armed group opened fire on a police car carrying passengers near al-Mala'b Crossroads in Idleb City.

A source at the Governorate Police told SANA Correspondent that the members of the armed terrorist group were driving two cars which tailgated the police car and opened heavy fire on it as Ammar Ahmad Qala'ji and Amer Abdul-Latif Fares were martyred, and Hindieh Hajour and Amira Hammadi were injured and they were taken to Idleb National Hospital.

Four Citizens Martyred, Seven Injured in Explosion of Bomb Planted by Armed Group in Idleb

Four citizens were martyred and seven others were injured in Idleb when a bomb planted by an armed terrorist group exploded to the right side of the road linking Idleb and Saraqeb in the vicinity of Majarz Town Crossroads.

The martyrs are Haitham Okla al-Issa, Mohammad Ibrahim al-Ahmad, Mohammad Wasim Badawi, and Yousef Marandi. 

A police source indicated that the bomb exploded when a microbus was transporting passengers from Saraqeb to Idleb, adding that the bomb was exploded through a remote control.

The source said that the bodies of the passengers sustained sever wounds and some of them were torn into small pieces, pointing out that the wounded were taken to Idleb National Hospital.

Four bodies, three of them soldiers found dead at cemetery in Idleb

Authorities today found 4 bodies inside a cemetery at Ariha in Idleb, 3 of them were soldiers while the forth was a citizen. They all passed away by bullets of an armed terrorist group.

A source in Idleb told SANA reporter that the soldiers were abducted yesterday, adding that the citizen, called Absi Shahna, works as contractor and was shot dead while returning to his house by an armed terrorist group on a motorbike.

The Source said that another armed group killed citizen Ghassan Mohammad Kandel who works in the Directorate of the Technical Services in Maraat al-Numan , adding that other terrorists abducted chief warrant officer, policeman Ahmad Abdul-Jalil Ismail near his home at al-Shemali neighborhood in Idleb.  

SANA reporter learned that the body of Kandel  was found dead in Marrat al-Numan.

Armed Terrorist Groups Robs Bakery in Homs and Sets It on Fire

An armed terrorist group on Tuesday attacked al-Khatib bakery in al-Madabi'a neighborhood in Homs and stole wheat and fuel from it.

A source from Homs police said that the terrorists set fire to the bakery after robbing it, causing damage to extensive parts of it.

Also on Tuesday, 3 law-enforcement personnel were injured when an armed terrorist group fired RPG rounds at the external part of the Homs Police Department.

10 Explosive Devices Dismantled in Lattakia and Idleb

The military engineering units in Lattakia province dismantled 6 explosive devices rigged to be detonated, planted to the eastern part of al-Takhasusiyeh School square in al-Sleibeh neighborhood.

Official sources told SANA correspondent that children who playing near the school found strange bodies and informed the school's guard, who in turn informed the authorities.

They said that each of the explosives devices, which were dismantled in the presence of a delegation of the Arab League observer mission in the province, weighed 200-250 g and were made up of dynamites, detonators and handmade primers.

Meanwhile in Idleb province, SANA correspondent reported that 4 explosive devices, 50 kg each, were dismantled by the military engineering units on Kfarnubel/Hazarin main road in Jabal al-Zawiya.

A source in the province told the correspondent that the explosive devices were equipped with wireless communication devices and prepared to target civilians and military members.

R. al-Jazaeri / H. Sabbagh/ Mazen /H. Said

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