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The Reality of Events>>Four Army Members Martyred, Eight Injured in a Bomb Detonated by Terrorists in Ya'four Area

Four Army Members Martyred, Eight Injured in a Bomb Detonated by Terrorists in Ya'four Area

Jan 12, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Four army members martyred and eight others injured in an explosive device blastcarried out by an armed terrorist group in a military bus in Ya'four area in Damascus Countryside on Wednesday.

The martyrs are Chief Warrant Officers Ghassan Fahed Mazloum, Salman Taher Zahlout, Yacoup Ali Baddour and Mahmoud Youssef al-Ali.


A military source told SANA Correspondent that the armed terrorist group detonated the explosive device while the military bus was heading to one of the military units in the aforementioned area.

"While we were on our way to work in the morning an explosive device went off to the right of the road and our bus exploded…Afterwards, we were under heavy fire by terrorists," said Sergeant Habib Saqr in a statement to the Syrian TV, corresponding with the story of Sergeant Shadi Farfour, Warrant Officer Ja'far Salman and other military members who were injured in the explosion.


Armed Terrorist Group Kidnaps Colonel at al-Daba'a Airport in Homs Countryside

An armed terrorist group on Tuesday kidnapped Colonel Ghassan Abdul-Hamid on the crossroads of al-Daba'a Village in Homs Countryside.

SANA Correspondent was informed that the Colonel was heading for his job at al-Daba'a Airport from al-Qusair area when an armed terrorist group kidnapped him by force and took him to unknown destination.

Citizen Killed in Marrat al-Numan by terrorists after storming his house

 An armed terrorist group stormed a house of citizen in Marrat al-Numan and killed him in front of his family.

SANA reporter in Idleb said that four armed men opened fires at citizen Mohammad Faraj Ofeisi after storming his house.  Ofeisi who had a shop for selling mobiles, was once subjected to an assassination attempt.

Sources in Idleb elaborated that Ofeisi died at the National Hospital in Marrat al-Numan of his wounds in the abdomen.

In a relevant context, another armed group burned two cars in Sarakeb.  

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