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Regional and International News>>British authorities arrest terrorists who fought in Syria

British authorities arrest terrorists who fought in Syria

Jun 19, 2013

London, (SANA)- Amid a state of media blackout, British authorities arrested a group of terrorists who participated in the fighting in Syria.

Special informed sources from London revealed to the Palestinian al-Manar newspaper that the British security forces arrested early June a group of 11 terrorists in London who had come back from Syria where they were involved in the fighting there.

The sources noted that the group's members held meetings in Britain and were carrying out suspicious activities, which led to their arrest. 

A number of American and European officials recently warned of the danger of the European gunmen who are involved in the fighting in Syria once they return to their home countries having acquired a great combat experience.

Those gunmen are fighting within the ranks of the armed terrorist groups coming into Syria across Turkey and funded by the Gulf money.

Al-Manar newspaper quoted the British sources as saying that four of the arrested terrorists carry the German and Belgian nationalities.

Britain, along with its partner France, have embraced the European project to supply the terrorists in Syria with arms and sought hard to recently lift the embargo on providing weapons to the "armed opposition".

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, recently warned British Prime Minister David Cameron in an article of the gravity of the step to arm the "opposition", saying such a move would be catastrophic as Britain would be pushing forward with the weapons falling in the hands of extremist members of al-Qaeda.

In the same context, Belgian Interior Minister, Joëlle Milquet, recently announced the arrest of four Belgians in Turkey who were preparing to infiltrate into Syria and fight along the terrorist groups.

The number of Belgian terrorists who went to fight in Syria is estimated at 80-100.

British terrorist to Reuters: There is a "waiting list" of people who volunteered to blow themselves up in Syria

A British terrorist who joined Jabhat al-Nusra five months ago said that there is a ''waiting list'' of terrorists who volunteered to carry out suicide operations in Syria.

The 23-years-old British terrorist, nicknamed Abu Khaled, confessed in an interview with Reuters correspondent in Salqin city in Idleb countryside that ''sometimes, half of the fighters in the frontlines are foreigners, especially Libyans and Saudis.''

The Syrian cities have seen scores of suicide attacks by car bombs and explosive devices that claimed hundreds of lives. The terrorist attacks drew no condemnation from several countries that back terrorism in Syria, especially Britain, France, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Abu Khaled lived in England his whole life, he says, but came to Syria four or five months ago and joined fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra who put him on the front lines outside Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

British intelligence officials estimate the numbers of Britons who have taken up arms alongside Syria’s "armed opposition" at' dozens,’ which triggered concerns inside the British society.

"His parents were afraid. To call them, he had to ask permission – his commanders took his cell phone and passport which they said was to guard against spies,'' Reuters said.

When he arrived he found other foreigners in the brigades. Englishmen from London and Birmingham, an Irishman, Russians from the Chechnya region, Chinese, Egyptians, Tunisians, Saudi Arabians, Libyans, others from Denmark, France, and, he tells Reuters, a lot from Sweden.

Abu Khaled said he joined Jabhat al-Nusra, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria which the United States calls a “terrorist organization,” because he was "drawn to its piety and determination."

Reuters says that Abu Khaled lived in a barracks, which the group called a “house,” set up in an abandoned school, villa or hospital to house 40 or 50 armed men.

The terrorists turned schools, hospitals and houses in Syria into centers for launching their terrorist attacks as they know that the Syrian army cares that these institutions are not destroyed, for they belong to the Syrian people.

When the events broke out in Libya and Syria in 2011, Abu Khaled went to religious lectures in London, he said. "Some speakers talked about Syria’s importance in Islamic history, and encouraged Muslims to go fight."

Syria has always urged neighboring countries to control borders, especially that they claim to be seeking a political solution, namely Turkey that trains terrorists and sends them to join fighting against the Syrian army.

Syria has repeatedly provided the UN Security Council and the UN secretary-general with documents and confessions about big numbers of terrorists who take advantage of neighboring countries' measures that facilitate their flow into Syria.

M. Ismael /H. Said

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