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Regional and International News>>Russia Appreciates Syria Reaction to the Conference.. Syria Open to International Efforts

Russia Appreciates Syria Reaction to the Conference.. Syria Open to International Efforts

May 22, 2013

MOSCOW, (SANA)-A session of talks between the Syrian and Russian sides was held on Wednesday in Moscow where the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad reviewed issues related to the Russian-US initiative to hold an international Conference to resolve the crisis in Syria.  

The two sides affirmed the need for halting violence and starting dialogue among the Syrians to determine their own future.

In this regard, Lavrov underlined continuation of contacts with the international partners to hold the conference and launch the political dialogue to solve the crisis in Syria and face some parties' known attempts to make the initiative a failure.

During the session, both sides exchanged viewpoints on the topics put on the agenda of the Conference and the participants in it of non-Syrians and encouraging agreement among the Syrians without imposing any solution on them.

For his part, Mikdad underlined Syria's great appreciation for the Russian constructive efforts to solve the crisis and the need for continuing consultation between the two friendly countries to put an end to the violence and war in Syria and make way for the national dialogue.


He pointed out to Syria's openness to the international efforts exerted to realize the political solution to the crisis away from the foreign intervention in Syria's domestic affairs, stressing the importance for halting the violence and terrorism in Syria to be in the front of the international efforts to restore stability in the country.

In a statement, Mikdad described his talks with Lavrov as "successful and constructive", saying "our talks with the Russian friends have been positive and dealt with restoring security and stability to Syria."

He added, "It was an extensive negotiations session on many issues related to the position towards the Geneva Conference… as you know, there is a strong desire by the Syrian leadership to end violence and bloodshed in Syria according to the political program presented by President Bashar al-Assad which provides no conditions for dialogue."

He hailed the role of the Russians in specifying the most important points that will be presented and the agenda and other technical issues related to the conference.

Concerning the Prime Minister heading the Syrian delegation, Mikdad said, "We have told the Russian friends that there is a committee that started preparing for the national dialogue according to the political program commenced by President al-Assad… the Prime Minister has held about sixty meeting with various political and economic figures in syria and there are a lot of ideas on ways to emerge out of the crisis."

On the content of talks with Minister Lavrov, Mikdad said, "it is early… you know, as I know, the stances of the Russian Federation and we agree to what the minister says in this regard."

He denied that he visited other capitals, noting that "We are in Mosocw now and there are important capitals…. But we came to discuss the outcome of the recent meeting which took place between the Russian Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State and the ongoing preparations for holding the international conference."    

Prior to the talks, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed in a joint meeting with journalists the importance of this meeting as it comes at an extremely important time for Syria.

Lavrov said, "the situation requires immediate halt of military operations and initiating the political dialogue."

He stressed that the goal of this initiative lies in the agreement of the Syrians themselves on the shape of their country in the future without foreign interference.

Russia Appreciates Syria Reaction to the Conference

Earlier, Lavrov said his country highly appreciates the Syrian leadership's constructive reaction to the suggestions related to the international conference on Syria, saying that Russia relies on the opposition to take constructive stance towards the Conference.

"As a state which cares for the safety of the Syrian people and preserving the Syrian state, Russia will not yield to provocations," Lavrov said in a statement prior to his talks with Mikdad.

"Until now, we see that there are specific powers which try to foil any progress in the political track… till now the coming reports about the opposition groups don't give hope.. according to initial estimations, any part of the opposition who met in Madrid didn't take any decision to participate without preconditions," Lavrov said.

He added that Russia continually contacts with the foreign partners which have real influence on the opposition as we hope this influence would be used in the interest of the Syrian national dialogue.

"The expected Conference aims to see the Syrians agree by themselves on their Home's future without any foreign intervention," Lavrov affirmed.


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