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Regional and International News>>ANSWER National Coordinator: Armed Groups in Syria, Backed by Turkey, NATO and US, Commit Terrorist Actions

ANSWER National Coordinator: Armed Groups in Syria, Backed by Turkey, NATO and US, Commit Terrorist Actions

Oct 03, 2012

WASHINGTON DC, (SANA) – Brian Becker, the national coordinator of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) which is a US-based anti-war group, said that the bombings that took place in Aleppo on Wednesday prove that that the armed groups in Syria which are supported by Turkey, the NATO and the US are committing terrorist actions.

In an interview with Russia Today channel on Wednesday, Becker said that the Syrian government is confronting terrorists who are trying to establish footholds in various areas according to what the US administration desires, adding that this administration wants nothing other than having the armed opposition achieve a military victory and prevent any possibility of negotiations.

He said that Saudi Arabia's failure to participate in the quartet meeting shows that the US administration sent a clear message to its allies and subservient countries to reject any kind of talks that could lead to resolving the Syrian crisis, and this administration is involved in coordinating with the Syrian opposition and their armed groups to extend the crisis.

Becker noted that the US State Department's announcement of not wanting to engage in a military intervention in Syria and make do with providing "non-lethal" support to the opposition simply means that the US will do everything other than send Marines, which includes coordinating with armed groups which effectively turns this support into a lethal one.

He said that the American public doesn't want any direct intervention in Syria, and that the US government is worried because of Russia and China's adherence to their opposition of any interference. Therefore, the US government realizes that if it becomes involved in a new conflict, it will be different from the one in Libya as it will find new international players waiting for it, making it's task difficult, which is why it resorted to supporting the armed groups and instructing Qatar and Saudi Arabia to do likewise.

Becker also said that there's considerable fear and concern among the Turkish public which doesn't want any war with Syria, while at the same time there's a Turkish government that serves the west and represents an extension of the NATO, and this government is coordinating and arranging specific movements on the borders that may be the prelude to a true military intervention.

H. Sabbagh

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