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Regional and International News>>Salehi: Tehran Meeting on Syria Underlined Need for Resolving the Crisis through Peaceful Means

Salehi: Tehran Meeting on Syria Underlined Need for Resolving the Crisis through Peaceful Means

Aug 09, 2012

TEHRAN, (SANA) - Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that Tehran's consultative meeting on the crisis in Syria has underlined the need for resolving the crisis through peaceful means and providing suitable atmospheres to conduct dialogue and consultation between the Syrian government and the opposition.

"The consultative meeting which was held in Tehran today aimed at reinforcing the efforts which seek to offer support to the Syrian people in order to end this crisis and find a fit ground to hold the dialogue within calm atmospheres," Salehi added at press conference following the consultative meeting on Syria.

Salihi said that since the beginning of the crisis, Iran's policy was based on supporting dialogue, understanding and resolution through political means, adding "Iran welcomed and backed the efforts of the UN and the plan of the UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan with its six-point."

"The unilateral steps and the continuation of intervention in Syria's affairs, according to Annan's opinion, prevented his plan from continuation to tackle the situation," Salehi stressed.

He called on the international community to assume responsibilities regarding the crisis developments in Syria and to take decisive decisions in order to stop foreign interference and prevent escalation of violence through appointing new UN envoy who completes the six-point plan.

Salihi said that the regional developments became more complicated, and this requires cooperation and consultation permanently among all sides which back peace, and use all energies and possibilities to support stability in the region.

The Iranian Foreign Minister clarified that the meeting discussed the Iranians abducted in Syria by the armed terrorist groups, adding "the participants condemned this act and called on the world states which can  play a role in this domain to do so and exert their efforts to release the visitors abducted in Syria.

Salihi renewed Iran readiness to host a meeting between the government and the opposition to discuss means of dialogue, saying" Tehran held contacts with the two sides.. the government accepted, and appointed Minister Ali Haidar who showed willingness to come to Iran and hold dialogue with the opposition in case it agreed."

"Some states claim they are neutral, but they interfere in the Syrian affairs," Salehi said.

He added that the Syrian government underlined full willingness to put everything on its normal track, but the opposition parties are different and call for the departure of government.

Salehi underlined that big changes need time, saying "the government should be given an opportunity, and this is the basic point which Iran has discussed with the opposition.

He called on the foreign sides to offer logical suggestions, based on the reality of the ground, not imaginary suggestions, in order to come out of the crisis peacefully.

"It is wrong to think that the continuation of pressure and the unstudied steps would contribute to isolating the Syrian government as we see day after  day a harmony between the people and the government," Salehi stressed.

He said that the Iranians abducted in Syria are ordinary persons, some of them were retired from the public institutions.. this is normal because nearly one million Iranian people visit Syria annually.        

Tehran Consultative Meeting on Crisis in Syria Kicks off with the participation of 30 Countries

Tehran consultative meeting on the crisis in Syria kicked off on Thursday with the participation of more than 30 countries including Russia, China and Pakistan.20120809-233232.jpg

Some Arab states are also attending the meeting including Iraq, Algeria and Sudan and other countries from Latin America under the title "Discarding Violence and Supporting National Dialogue".

In his speech, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that the meeting is aimed at supporting the Syrian people and finding solutions to the crisis and discarding violence.

He added that Iran stresses on the peaceful political options to restore calm to Syria and carry out reforms.

He stressed his country's readiness to host a meeting between the Syrian Government and the national opposition.

The Minister added that the only means to solve the crisis in Syria is serious and comprehensive dialogue between the opposition factions which enjoy popular ground and the Syrian Government  based on achieving stability and security.

He said that Iran has supported the efforts of UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan who stressed in his statement that arming some groups was the cause of the failure of his mission.

He highlighted the risks of the international sanctions on the interests of the Syrian people, adding that Iran sent humanitarian and medical aid to the Syrian people to ease their suffering.

Salehi pointed out that arming the terrorist groups and the extremist groups does not help solve the crisis in Syria, rather it spreads the crisis to other regional countries.

He stressed that Iran believes that security and stability cannot be achieved without the will of all parties.

Salehi stressed the necessity of appointing a new UN envoy to Syria to take part in solving the crisis in Syria, pointing out that the peoples of the region are waiting for an extension of the UN observer mission in Syria.

He reiterated his country's rejection of any foreign interference to solve the crisis in Syria.  

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that the armed groups, who are supported by foreign sides,  are perpetrating criminal acts against the Syrians.

For his part, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a letter read by his representative to the meeting stressed the necessity for the international community to exert more efforts to pave the ground to help solve the crisis in Syria and implement what has been agreed upon in Geneva Conference and Annan's sixth-point plan.

He pointed out that supporting violence aggravates the crisis; therefore, violence must stop by the two sides.

 F.Allafi/ Mazen Eyon

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