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Regional and International News>>Russian Defense Ministry Refutes News on Assassinating Russian General in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry Refutes News on Assassinating Russian General in Syria

Aug 08, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russian Defense Ministry and a security source on Wednesday said that Gen. Vladimir Cugiev, claimed by Syrian opposition to have been Killed in Syria, is safe and sound and lives, since he retired, in Moscow with his family.

The Ministry described the allegation of the so-called 'Syrian opposition' as flagrant lies, adding that such reports are aimed at provoking the Russian military personnel.

In the same context, a source at the Russian security forces said that Cugiev had worked as a consultant to the Defense Minister but he has not visited Syria since his retirement in 2010. 

Gen. Cugiev: I am Safe and Sound, Rumors Provoke My Homeland

For his part, Gen. Cugiev told Russia Today Channel that these rumors are not only personal provocations, but also provocations against his homeland.

He stressed that he is in good health, and he lives in Moscow , expressing resentment over the rumors of his killing which have frightened his friends and relatives who started to call him asking about his health.

Russian Embassy in Damascus Refutes News on Assassinating Russian General in Syria

The Russian Embassy in Syrian on Wednesday dismissed media reports alleging that a Russian General was assassinated in Syria.

Novosti News Agency quoted a diplomat at the Embassy as saying that these reports are baseless.

In the same context, a Russian security source said that the retired Gen. Cugiev, claimed by Syrian opposition to be Killed in Syria, is safe and sound in Moscow.

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