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Regional and International News>>Chinese Foreign Minister's Envoy: We Oppose Interference in Syria's Internal Affairs under Whatsoever Name 

Chinese Foreign Minister's Envoy: We Oppose Interference in Syria's Internal Affairs under Whatsoever Name 

Mar 06, 2012

DAMASCUS/ BEIJING, (SANA)-Chinese Foreign Minister's envoy Li Huaxin on Tuesday reiterated his country's opposition to interference in the Syrian internal affairs under whatsoever name, during his meeting with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmad Arnous.

Huaxin considered dialogue as the only way out of the crisis in Syria, saying it is essential that the international community respect Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity.


For his part, Arnous explained to the Chinese envoy the reality of the situation in Syria and what it is undergoing of misleading and the media attack led by some media and known satellite channels.

Huaxin was briefed on the comprehensive reform program commenced by the political leadership in Syria since the outset of the crisis until today, the latest of which being the referendum on the new Syrian constitution.

Arnous hailed the stances of China, government and people, and its standing by Syria at the international forums, stressing that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger and more fortified and keen on consolidating its relations with its faithful friends, particularly China and Russia.


In a statement to the journalists following the meeting, the Chinese envoy said that his visit comes in the framework of the diplomatic efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

He pointed out that the talks touched upon China's vision to solve the crisis and that views were exchanged with Syrian officials on China's bases for shaping its vision and applying it on the ground.

Chinese Envoy to Middle East: No Political Solution at the Expense of Syria's Sovereignty, Independence and Territorial Integrity

Meanwhile, China's Special Envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike said no political solution can be adopted at the expense of Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, adding that the international community could provide the necessary help for Syria but cannot interfere by the use of force.

"History will prove that the political solution agrees with the main long-term interests and brings out advantage to the entire Middle East region," said Wu in an article published by the Chinese Xinhua news agency, referring to the efforts exerted by China to realize this end.

The article continued that China, as a close friend of Syria and the Arab countries and as a responsible country, is not seeking any personal interest and is not in favor of any side against the other, neither is it opposing any side deliberately; but rather it is working to convince all the parties concerned in Syria in order to launch the dialogue and reach agreement to resolve the crisis peacefully.

The Chinese envoy considered that the political settlement to the crisis in Syria is the right way in order to maintain the main long-term interests of the Syrian people and preserve peace and stability in Syria and the entire Middle East region.

He stressed the necessity of pushing towards a comprehensive dialogue with the participation of all the parties concerned and speeding up the political reform process to meet the demands of the Syrian people for reform and development in the country.

Wu said it is essential that the political dialogue be completely comprehensive to include the participation of the Syrian government and opposition which would eventually reach a common ground in as much as they make efforts towards this.

Concerning the humanitarian situation in Syria, Wu warned against politicizing the humanitarian issue or using it as an excuse for military intervention.

He said the appropriate and practical way to have a neutral body agreed on by all the parties concerned to carry out an objective and inclusive estimation of the real situation in Syria and develop a mechanism to transport and distribute the humanitarian supplies.

The Chinese envoy suggested humanitarian bodies of the UN to play the main coordinator in this issue.

Wu expressed confidence in the Syrian people's ability to settle the current crisis wisely and find the suitable way to achieve the desired development politically and economically.

China has on several occasions stressed that the international community should respect completely Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity and the Syrian people's independent choice.

China has also opposed any armed interference, or what is called 'forced regime change' in Syria, as it has twice vetoed two draft UN Security Council resolutions against Syria.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin stressed during a press conference that his country supports finding settlement to the crisis in Syria through peaceful means and hopes for taking effective steps to contribute to settling the crisis in an unbiased and tangible way that has the support of all the parties.

H. Said

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