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Al-Jafari: Syria has Right to Protect its Citizen, Combat Terrorism and Armed Violence

Feb 14, 2012

NEW YORK, (SANA) – Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jafari said "Syria has the right to protect its citizens, combat terrorism and armed violence and put an end for them."

"The Syrian leadership spared no effort in responding to legitimate reform demands and issued a reform program based on political plurality," added al-Jafari, stressing Syria's commitment to the comprehensive reform process despite all attempts to thwart it through the ferocious campaign against Syria.

Al-Jafari, in his speech at the UN General Assembly today, said that the war launched by some international and regional powers against Syria aims at undermining Syria, and never for carrying out reforms in Syria.

Al-Jafari said that Syria will stand by Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any Arab country in case of an attack against them, in reply to the Qatari diplomat who chairs the UN General Assembly and who illegally called for the session to be convened.

Syria's Permanent Representative underscored Syria's delegation objection to the meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss the report of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights about the situation of human rights in Syria, calling for cancelling the session as it constitutes "a substantial legal violation of the UN General Assembly's regulative procedures in this regard."

Syria's Permanent Representative asked for an independent legal opinion by the UN legal adviser. The Qatari chairman of the session, motivated by some political backgrounds and interests, paid no heed to the Syrian demand.

Al-Jafari, however, expressed surprise at only calling upon Syria for making reform, and respecting human rights and peaceful protest.

Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN said that the terrorists and those who support them seek to destroy the structure of Syria in order to spread the so-called creative chaos.

Al-Jafari addressed those involved in shedding the Syrian blood to stop conspiring against Syria and help Syria combat terrorism and carry out reforms.

"How can the UN combat terrorism while some of the UN member states fund and send terrorists to Syria," said al-Jafari, adding the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are part of the problem and not of the solution.

Al-Jafari added that Syria sacrificed thousands of innocent victims for the sake of restoring stability and security to its citizens.

He pointed out that the UN Human Rights Council based its report on unilateral misleading and fabricated media information, and not on '' the results on the ground, visits and discussions with the Syrian Government and the Syrian national Committee, created by the Syrian Government to investigate violations of human rights''.

Earlier, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, presented to the meeting what she said was information based on reports - much of which are based on fabricated news reports-, not to mention some of the opposition and armed groups' members, whose numbers exceed no more than 7000, added the Syrian Permanent Representative.


Dr. al-Jafari underlined the importance for the full respect of UN Charter, international law, and for the principles of the sovereignty, integrity and political independence and non-interference in the domestic affairs of the States, blasting Commissioner Pillay disregard of the unjust economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

The Permanent Representative of Syria to UN explained in his landmark speech some examples of the terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, with particular focus at those perpetrated by al-Qaeda terrorism, citing some suicide attacks carried by al-Qaeda in Damascus and Aleppo, and some assassinations of Syrian intellectuals, scientists, and doctors by the armed terrorist groups.

"I say to all those involved in shedding the blood of the Syrian People: stop shedding the blood of the Syrian People, stop conspiring against Syria, help this People and the Syrian Government to combat terrorism and to meet the just  demands of the Syrians for reforms,'' added al-Jafari reminding all present in the hall of the 2006 UN comprehensive Strategy for combating terrorism.

''How can the UN combat the terrorism of al-Qaeda, while some UN members finance, patron al-Qaeda and send fighters from al-Qaeda to carry out terrorist operations in Syria?'' wondered al-Jafari, lashing out at the UN General Assembly Chairman non-condemnation of the terrorist operations against the Syrians and at yesterday's Arab League decision to support the Syrian opposition of which some carry weapons and terrorist attacks against the Syrians.

"Those who took yesterday's decision in Cairo encourage terrorism in Syria, which is in contradiction with the UN Security Council resolution N. 1624 for the year 2005, prohibiting instigation for terrorism and terrorism financing,'' declared Dr. al-Jafari.

Al-Jafari pointed out, for example, that some terrorist groups in the city of Homs, booby-trapped buildings and exploded them when security preservation personnel entered these buildings, not to mentions the tens of arbitrary killings, rape, kidnapping  and mutilations of the Syrians by members of the terrorist armed groups.

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN reiterated its adherence to the all-out national dialogue as the right and sole way to go forward in the ongoing reforms, pointing out that the new Constitution of Syria, handed over to H.E. President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday, is to been soon put into referendum.

R. Raslan/ al-Ibrahim

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