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Syria News>>PA Speaker condemns terrorist bombings, PM vows to combat terrorism

PA Speaker condemns terrorist bombings, PM vows to combat terrorism

Dec 31, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- The People's Assembly condemned the terrorist bombings which took place in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and in Russia, affirming that Syria will continue to combat terrorism.

This came during the Assembly’s last session of the 5th ordinary session of the 1st legislative term held on Tuesday in presence of Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi and government’s members.

Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, said that terrorism targeting Syria is expanding and beginning to affect Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iraq and most recently the Russian city of Volgograd, which confirms Syria's warning about the need to confront terrorism. 


He affirmed that the terrorist war hatched against Syria has failed, and despite all the destruction, murder and abduction committed by terrorism, the Syrian people continue to live their lives and the state's establishments continue to carry out their duties.

Al-Laham asserted that Syria will go to the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2” to propose Syrian solutions without foreign interference, calling on all Syrians to resort to dialogue and political action to resolve disputes and express themselves.

He also called on the countries supporting the so-called "opposition abroad" to return to their senses and realize that there can be no solution in Syria except through dialogue, saying that these countries are working day and night to increase chaos and exacerbate the situation in Syria by arming terrorists.

The Speaker concluded by saluting the martyrs of Syria, the injured, and those who lost loved ones and family members, stressing that Syria's victory is imminent.

For his part, Prime Minister al-Halqi said that the government is committed to confronting the war waged on Syria and reduce its effects as much as possible, noting that the government is facing big challenges due to the crisis in Syria, the continued economic sanctions imposed on it, and the systematic sabotage acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups.


He said that the government’s efforts concentrated on emergency procedures to face the repercussions of the crisis, mainly providing the citizens’ basic requirements, supporting the stability of the Syrian currency, supporting the Syrian Army, and providing relief aid.

Al-Halqi affirmed that Syria will continue to fulfill its obligations as per the Chemical Weapons Convention and is committed to preparing for Geneva 2 and cooperating with its friends to thwart all attempts of accusing it that it does not embrace political solutions.

Concerning the health sector, al-Halqi pointed out the Health Ministry launched six vaccination campaigns against polio as prevent this disease from returning to Syria after it was eradicated in 1995.

He added that the ministry is providing all health services and it is importing its needs from the friendly countries, noting that 21 medical factories went out of service out of 70 factories because of the terrorist attacks.

The Prime Minister said that the most important challenges facing the government was providing the requirements for 4 million students and maintaining 17,000 schools to provide the educational requirements.

He added that 70% to 72% of the students went to school in 2013 while the percentage of the teaching cadres who went to work reached 95%.


The issue of humanitarian relief and the affected people was the priority of the government as it allocated 884 government centers for over 182,000 citizens, while the makeshift centers of the civil society were enough for 5 million citizens, al-Halqi added.

The Prime Minister pointed out to the agreement signed between the Syrian oil company and Russian Soyuzneftegaz company to start excavation in the Syrian coastand regional waters.

He added that the Ministry of Economy and External Trade is importing the necessary goods as to decrease prices, noting that the government managed to keep the Syrian pound exchange rate stable.

Al-Halqi hailed the glorious achievements of the Syrian Arab army which had the greatest role along with the Syrian success of the Syrian diplomacy in making the Syrians assured about the Syrian currency.

Concerning the agricultural sector, al-Halqi pointed out that the percentage of wheat corps reached 798,000 hectares; that is, 46% of the areas planned for season 2013/2014 and 9009 hectares of  barley with a percentage of 62% and an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

On the industrial sector, al-Halqi said that the armed terrorist groups and their supporters have attacked the industrial sector being the essential factor for the national economy, noting that the industrial sector is gradually overcoming as the government started activating the production process of the micro projects.

Al-Halqi hailed the efforts exerted by the Syrian parliamentary delegation during the Asian Parliamentary Assembly’s  session in Islamabad and its active role in drafting the final statement and assembling the international parliamentary efforts to confront terrorism and extremism.


He said that his visit last month to Tehran had political and security implications regarding coordination for holding Geneva 2 conference, adding that his visit resulted in reaching an agreement to combat global terrorism and religious extremism practiced by the armed terrorist groups.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Syrian government delegation is going to Geneva 2 if it was held on January 22nd shouldering the aspirations of the Syrian people and the recommendations of President Bashar al-Assad to shape the future of Syria, adding that those who think that the Syrian delegation is going to Geneva 2 to hand over power to the others are deluded.        

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