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Local News>>Information Minister: Syria will commit to Russian-US agreement on chemical weapons

Information Minister: Syria will commit to Russian-US agreement on chemical weapons

Sep 16, 2013

London, (SANA) – Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, said that Syria will adhere to the Russian-US plan on the chemical weapons in Syria as soon as the UN approves it.

In an interview on the British ITN TV channel, Minister al-Zoubi said that Syria is committed to all resolutions issued by the UN, as it also agrees on the Russian plan to get rid of the chemical weapons, adding that Syria has already started setting the needed lists.

He stressed that Syria will carry out the Russian-US plan as soon as it becomes tangible in light of a resolution issued by the UN Security Council, adding that Syria will also facilitate the mission of the UN inspectors in accordance with the Russian-US plan.

"Syria looks with great seriousness at the Russian-US deal," he said, stressing that Syria adheres to what it says.

The Russian and U.S. Foreign Ministers, Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry reached Saturday an agreement in Geneva regarding placing the Syrian chemical weapons under the international monitoring in response to the Russian initiative agreed on by Syria.

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