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Local News>>Bishops of Damascus: Vatican's call for fasting day for peace in Syria reflects Christianity's preaching for peace 

Bishops of Damascus: Vatican's call for fasting day for peace in Syria reflects Christianity's preaching for peace 

Sep 04, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) – Bishops of Damascus stressed that the call voiced by the Pope of the Vatican, Francis I, for fasting on Saturday for peace in Syria and the Middle East reflects the preaching of Christianity for spreading peace on Earth.

In a statement, the Bishops said that the call of Pope Francis I comes at a time when Syria is being exposed to a war led by countries whose main concern is to destroy Syria's history and future and to create a state of chaos and terror in the whole region.

The Bishops called on all Syrians in Syria and overseas to participate in this event as one heart.

Patriarch John X: Syria spread power of culture to the universe not culture of force, World owes peace efforts

Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox Church stressed that the Syrian land spread to the world the power of culture not the culture of force.

" The world owes the Levant its favor of consolidating peace in the area historically, as it spread the first alphabet but not the culture of conflict… don't send the culture of force to Syria " the Patriarch said in a word at the conference held in the Jordanian Capital under the title of ' Challenges that face Arab Christians'.

Patriarch John X stressed the importance of denouncing violence, killing and abduction, calling on the world to redouble efforts for releasing the two kidnapped Archbishops of the Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox of Aleppo, Yohanna Ebrahim and Paul Yazigi.

He called upon the UN references to adopt new approaches for restoring security to the people of this region, having paid high prices in Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt.

Superior General of the Society of Jesus U.S.-French potential aggression would drag humanity back to savagery

Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicolas, criticized a U.S.-French potential aggression on Syria, considering that this would drag humanity back to savageness.

AFP quoted Father Nicolas as saying on the Society of Jesus' website " what raises my concern is that this state- the USA- is about to commit a grave mistake, adding "the same thing applies to France…this country, which was a real guidance for intellect and civilization, has become inclined to drag humanity back to barbarity."

The alliance of these two countries about taking a horrible adventure constitutes one reason for the wide-spread anger around the world, wondering about who gave these countries permission to move against another state.

EU Parliament President to join Pope Francis' call for prayers for peace in Syria


European Parliament President Martin Schulz joined the call of Pope Francis' I for fasting and prayers on Saturday for peace in Syria.

AKI news Agency quoted Schulz as saying, "I share the Pope his concerns and I join those who are going to be at St. Peters Square on Saturday for prayers and fasting for peace in Syria."

Pope Francis announced September 7th a day for fasting and prayers across the globe for peace in Syria and the whole Middle East, reiterating his rejection of military intervention in Syria.

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