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Local News>>Foreign Minister: Armed forces in Syria have never used chemical weaponany military aggression on Syria comes in interest of Israel

Foreign Minister: Armed forces in Syria have never used chemical weaponany military aggression on Syria comes in interest of Israel

Aug 27, 2013

Damascus, (SANA) – The Syrian Armed Forces did not use the chemical weapons as no country in the world would use the weapons of mass destruction against its own people, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, said on Tuesday.

Syria is committed to offering all facilitations and ensuring the safety of the UN inspection mission into chemical weapons use, al-Moallemadded at a press conference in Damascus.

"Syria has immediately agreed to the UN requests and there was no delay, and I say to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that we are not obstructing UN inspectors' work," Minister al-Moallem, added .

"I assure the residents of Damascus that the objective of the Armed Forces' military efforts taking place currently is to ensure their safety, so the endeavor will not be halted, and they {the West and the US} will not limit the Army's victory," the Foreign Minister said.

He added that what is circulated by the US administration's officials on the use of the chemical weapons is "categorically baseless", as we transparently dealt with the UN investigation mission and expressed commitment to reveal the truth.

The Foreign Minister said, "Since the beginning, we have doubted the U.S. intentions towards Geneva Conference, and we told our Russian friends we trust you but we do not trust the USA because it does not want a political solution and the reason is clear which is that Israel does not want this solution, but rather it wants the continuation of violence and terrorism."

Al-Moallem pointed out that U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, held a telephone conversation with him and asked for immediate access for the UN inspection mission into eastern Ghouta, adding that Kerry was told that work will be done in the framework of the Syrian national interests and the conversation ended friendly.

"We have agreed to offer all facilitations and to ensure the safety of the UN inspection mission into chemical weapons use. We stressed that we are committed to ensuring the safety of the mission in the areas under the control of the Syrian Armed Forces," the Foreign Minister said.

He noted that when the mission wanted to enter the area under the control of the armed terrorist groups, they were shot at and they could not continue their tour in these areas because the armed groups did not reach an agreement on their safety.


Al-Moallem said that the British Foreign Minister William Hague has accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against civilians, and when the Syrian government agreed on allowing the inspectors to access the areas which allegedly witnessed the use of these weapons,Hague accused the Syrian Army of eliminating the trails of these weapons, neglecting the fact that the Syrian forces cannot do so because these areas are under the control of the armed groups.

"If the countries which want to launch a military strike against Syria believe that such a strike will affect the military operations in the Ghouta, then these countries are mistaken," al-Moallem said, adding that "The military operations in al-Ghouta aim firstly at launching preemptive strike to the schemes of invading Damascus and secondly protecting the civilians in Damascus neighborhoods from the terrorist rockets launched by the terrorists."

On the Turkish stance and the statements of the Turkish foreign minister saying that Ankara will be part of the coalition that will fight Syria whether through or outside the Security Council, al-Moallem said "I do not want to comment on these statements but I am sure the friendly people of Turkey will do, the Turkish leadership has lost balance after the events in Egypt, this imbalance will aggravate because of Syria."He stressed that Jordan will not benefit from a strike against Syria, adding that Syria has suffered a lot from the Jordanian side for the two and half past years and yet Damascus has not made any act against Jordan as it is keen on the safety of the Jordanian people.

He called upon the Jordanians not to allow other sides to extort the neighboring relations between the two countries, highlighting that the security of Jordan is linked to Syria's security.

Al-Moallem saw that the US and its allies launch military efforts firstly in the interest of Israel and secondly in the service of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, asserting that the military strike which they plan for will not affect the achievements of the Syrian Arab army.

"The Syrian army operations in al-Ghouta aim at directing preemptive strikes against the plots of the terrorist groups to attack Damascus and preventing the safe citizens in the capital from the terrorism of the mortar shells which daily fall in a number of neighborhoods," al-Moallem said.

On cancelling the meeting between Russia and the US which was due in The Hague, Foreign Minister said that Syria, since the beginning, doubted the US intentions on the international conference of Geneva, affirming that the postponement by the US side is a proof that it doesn't want any political solution.


As for the Russian Foreign Minister's comments yesterday on any possible aggression on Syria, Minister al-Moallem said "what would you expect of a Foreign Minister to say on this occasion, would he say that they have an interest to transport the global war into their lands."

Concerning the Syrian interaction on a possible strike, the Foreign Minister replied "basically, we didn't assert that there is an attack against Syria… I said maybe it would be a psychological war."

Al-Moallem considered that today we live in an age which is nearer to the wild society, adding "they talk about an international law while they, themselves, violate it."

On the reason behind the timing of the strike and if any US of Israeli officers present in al-Ghouta, al-Moallem denied any information about this issue, and the timing of the strike was because of the victories of the Syrian army in al-Ghouta.

As for the massacre in Lattakia countryside by the armed terrorist groups against civilians and the silence of the UN Security Council regarding this issue, Foreign Minister said "we don't expect anything from the Security Council; nevertheless, we are now making legal documentation of Lattakia countryside massacres.

Al-Moallem said that the Syrian TV has screened a film showing experiments on the nerve weapon that took place in the Turkish lands with Turkish poisonous materials, adding that the film is existed, so, those who provide the armed terrorist groups with these materials are responsible for the crimes in Syria.

"Syria has asked the Russian friends to go to Khan al-Asal in Aleppo to document what has happened… they really documented what happened there and took samples from the site and returned to Moscow, and then they submitted a documented report to the UN," Foreign Minister said.

On the investigating in Khan al-Asal, al-Moallem said that after 5-months of the Syrian complaint, the committee found that there was no need to go there and asked testimonies to come to Damascus, reminding that the delay of the committee was because of the French-British obstructions.

"The Syrian state is not a supervisor for the committee, but it provides them with security guarantees," al-Moallem said.

As for the observer mission's investigation into chemical material in Joubar, and if these materials were the evidence to which the Syrian government are talking about that they were used by the terrorists, al-Moallem clarified that this was part of the evidence in Joubar, adding "there is another part related to what has happened to the soldiers and the medical analyses run to them before being treated in the hospitals.

On hidden reports saying that the Syrian government has accepted to offer political concessions, through the Russian mediator, to the opposition abroad, al-Moallem said "there is no mediator between us and any other side, if they want to communicate with us, we will respond them as we didn't cut off the door of contacts with anyone, the Syrian government has a political program to which it is committed."

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