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Local News>>PM: Israeli Aggression on Syria Left No Room for Hesitation, Self-Dissociation or Silence

PM: Israeli Aggression on Syria Left No Room for Hesitation, Self-Dissociation or Silence

May 07, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – "The Israeli terrorist aggressions on the Syrian territories have left no room for hesitation, weakness, self-dissociation or silence as Syria would not forgive us all if we hesitated in defending it," Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said.    

The Prime Minister's comments came during the meeting of The Ministerial Committee, tasked with implementing the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria, with members of the politburo of the National Movement for Saving Syria.

Dr. al-Halqi reviewed the positive results reached during the previous meetings of the Ministerial Committee with various spectrums of the Syrian society.

Prime Minister al-Halqi underlined the role of nascent national parties and movements in enriching political life and democracy, interacting with citizens, supporting the reform process, and confronting the conspiracy targeting Syria.

He hailed the advancements made by the Syrian Army ins confronting the armed terrorist groups and restoring security and stability to the homeland, noting that the Syrian government is working to confront the economic war through providing all requirements to the Syrian people.

Members of the politburo stressed their support to the political program to resolve the crisis, considering it as a "national agenda and a roadmap for ending the crisis in political ways."

The denounced the Israeli aggression on the Syrian territories, hailing the importance of the statement issued by the Syrian government in this regard.

They presented their views to boost the national dialogue, highlighting the importance of pursuing the armed terrorist groups.

In a statement after the meeting, members of the politburo stressed that the meeting has been successful and it touched upon all issues related to the comprehensive national dialogue.

They also said that the meeting highlighted the necessity of rejecting foreign interference and considering the Syrian Army and the presidency as redlines because President Bashar al-Assad was elected by the sweeping majority of the Syrian people.



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