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Local News>>Actor Yasin Baqqoush Laid to Rest

Actor Yasin Baqqoush Laid to Rest

Feb 26, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Actor Yasin Baqqoush, who was martyred on Sunday evening when a mortar round fired by terrorists hit his car, was laid to rest on Tuesday.

After accompanying his body from al-Mujtahed Hospital to Sheikh Mehiddin Mosque where prayers were held, the funeral procession moved through the streets and Damascus and paused in front of the building of the General Establishment of Radio and TV, then the procession headed to al-Taghabni Cemetery where the deceased was laid to rest.


Several fellow actors and directors who attended the funeral services voiced their sorrow over the loss of this great actor whose unique character remained present in the hearts of the Syrian and Arab audience for decades.


Yasin Baqqoush was famous for his comedy works and his portrayal of simple, down-to-earth characters. He is one of the founders of Syrian comedy who began work in the sixties of the 20th century along with Nihad Qal'i, Rafiq Sbai'I, Naji Jabr and Dureid Lahham. He left behind a wife and 11 children.

H. Sabbagh

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