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Local News>>Hope Forum for Societal Work Starts in Lattakia

Hope Forum for Societal Work Starts in Lattakia

Feb 16, 2013

LATTAKIA, (SANA)- 'Step It Up' youth group in the province in Lattakia on Saturday kicked off the first stage of a forum that targets the various age categories to achieve convergence of viewpoints to sow good seeds for a better society.

The 7-stage 'Amal (Hope) Forum for Societal Work started with the childhood stage as children are the most affected by the events in the country, targeting particularly the children of martyrs and of displaced families who came to Lattakia from other provinces.

A press statement by the Forum's organizers said the first stage aims at creating opportunities for communication among children through engaging them in various societal activities, such as drawing, contests and interactive games.

Toys and gifts will be distributed to children "to help leave a positive imprint in their souls and draw a smile on their faces," the statement added.

"What is special about this forum is its social character as it constitutes a first step on the path of societal work and national unity which all the Syrian aspire to restore back," the statement pointed out.

The Forum's activities are meant to create a course starting with children and up to reach young people and adults and then to the entire society "within an untypical interactive dialogue atmosphere to achieve convergence of viewpoints and sow good seeds for a better society."

"Step It UP" youth group was founded in Lattakia on December 18th, 2011. It includes 50 youths who have undertaken the mission of contributing to confronting the conspiracy targeting their country.

The group has so far organized more than 150 events, including organizing regular visits to families of martyrs and injured members of the army, in addition to other several societal, cultural, environmental and developmental activities.

H. Said

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