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Local News>>Jalili: Israel will Regret Aggression on Syria

Jalili: Israel will Regret Aggression on Syria

Feb 04, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili said that the Zionist entity will regret its latest aggression on Syria just as it regretted all its previous wars, adding that Iran will use all its potential in the international community to support Syria against the Zionist aggression.

In a press conference in Damascus on Monday, Jalili stressed that Syria played key role in all victories of the resistance against the Zionist entity, indicating that the Zionist entity sought to cover its previous defeats through hatching schemes and conspiracies to divert the Muslim world and sow discord among its countries.

''The aim of activating the conspiracy against Syria is that the Muslim world turns a blind eye to the Zionist entity," Jalili added.

Jalili indicated that Iran expected such act by the enemy as a compensation for its weakness, indicating that the Zionist entity failed through direct intervention in Syria to stir up internal differences among the Syrians.

He added that Syria's role over the past decades in backing resistance cannot be denied, affirming that ''When some countries went down the path of settlement with the Zionist entity and other remained silent, Syria has been a staunch castle in the face of the Zionist hostile policies.''

''The leadership which embraces the path of resistance cannot do so except backed by its people,'' Jalili said, adding ''the leadership that withstood hostile policies for years enjoys the full support of its people…This is a fact that the peoples of the region and the world have to thank the Syrian people and leadership for.''

He added that the Syrian people have opted for the path of dignity through choosing pursuing the path of resistance.

''It is natural for a people and leadership that defended their causes to be exposed to the enemy's revengeful schemes. Over two years, the enemies have exerted the most heinous of pressures against the Syrian people through boycott and hitting its infrastructure,' Jalili said, adding ''There is no logic to the claim that the boycott and destroying infrastructure in the industrial and economic sectors are a defense of the people's rights.''

He added that backing the Syrian people and helping them for overcoming the crisis cannot come through destroying their infrastructure, but through national dialogue that is the only exit from the crisis.

''Since the beginning of the crisis, Iran has emphasized that the terrorist acts and acts of violence won't help the Syrian people, and we have stressed that solution must be Syrian and everyone has to help jump-start the national dialogue so that people can decide their own future.''

Jalili added that backing national dialogue in Syria will result in easing the suffering of the Syrian people and making Syria stronger.

Answering questions of journalists, Jalili said that what is happening in the region is a great test for the Islamic world, affirming that Syria is an important part of the Islamic world and a frontrunner in confronting the Zionist entity and that the Islamic world won't allow any aggression or attack on Syria and that Israel will regret its aggression against it.

He said that Iran will employ its relations and energies in international and legal arenas to support Syria in facing Israeli aggression, urging Islamic countries to make proper responses to this aggression and unite.

On Iran's position towards resolving the crisis in Syria, Jalili said that Iran called for dialogue from the beginning and participating in the Tehran conference for dialogue, welcome any initiative that helps dialogue, adding that Iran would be happy with a Syrian solution through dialogue among all components of the Syrian society.

He said that Iran welcomes any side or group that joins this dialogue, hoping that all sides will join dialogue and unite to help Syria and support its interests, noting that the political program proposed by the Syrian leadership can be the basis for dialogue.

Jalili stressed that there can be no military solution for the crisis in Syria as this would cause harm to the Syrian people, calling upon all sides to support dialogue.

He said that Iran was more committed to dialogue than other countries and that it condemns military solutions, foreign intervention and terrorism, calling on all sides with good intentions to avoid methods that proved to be wrong over time, as those who persist in these methods have ill intentions for Syria.

Jalili said that solutions must be based on the power of the people and be political and democratic, and not just in Syria but also in all countries.

H. Zain / M. Ismael / H. Sabbagh

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