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Local News>>Charge d'Affaires at Ukrainian Embassy: Information on Ukrainians' Involvement in Crisis Baseless

Charge d'Affaires at Ukrainian Embassy: Information on Ukrainians' Involvement in Crisis Baseless

Feb 03, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The Charge d'Affaires at the Ukrainian Embassy in Damascus, Yevhen Zhupeyev, stressed that his country has "real strong relations" with Syria since the 60s of the last century, considering that the Ukrainian policy is "extremely balanced" in Syria and the Middle East.

In a press statement on Sunday, Zhupeyev said Ukraine calls for "the soonest termination of the bloodshed" in Syria, "requesting not only one party" but all the parties to end the fighting, stressing also the call "to initiate the political dialogue" as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian Charge d'Affaires expressed his country's concern about information presented by unknown parties and circulated by various media outlets in the recent period on the possibility that Ukrainian citizens might be taking part in the conflict in Syria.


Zhupeyev affirmed that this information is baseless and does not correspond with the reality and is aimed "to discredit the Ukrainian policy which is extremely balanced in Syria and the Middle East especially."

The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that according to the Syrian authorities "there were no facts detected" about Ukrainian citizens participating in the fighting in favor of the Syrian opposition, reiterating call for ending the fighting by all the parties and starting the political dialogue.

Media outlets recently circulated documents on involvement of Ukrainian citizens in the Syrian crisis.

The latest of these documents were what was published by the website of the British corporation Britam Defense, which is specialized in risk management, including facilities protection, security forces training and consultation services, on a Qatari plan to transfer chemical weapons from Libya to Homs.

According to the plan, the chemical weapons are to be used through mercenary Ukrainians to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and thus to embarrass Moscow in its firm stance towards the current events in Syria.

H. Said

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