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Local News>>National Progressive Front Condemns Israeli Aggression on Jamraya Research Center

National Progressive Front Condemns Israeli Aggression on Jamraya Research Center

Feb 02, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The National Progressive Front (NPF) strongly condemned the Israeli blatant aggression on one of the scientific research centers in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside as flagrant violation of the international law and UN charter.

In a statement on Saturday, the NPF stressed that the Zionist brutal aggression is an attack on the humanity as it proves again Israel's barbarism and hostility against humanity and civilization.

The Front pointed out that the Zionist entity's aggression on the center proves its cooperation with the criminal takfiri gangs in Syria after they failed to enter the center.

The statement asserted that this aggression will not undermine Syria's pivotal role in supporting resistance and the Arab issues, particularly the Palestinian cause.

The Front hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian army, expressing support to it to achieve victory on the colonialism, Zionism and the criminal terrorist gangs.

Palestinian Popular Committee against Aggression on Syria Denounces Zionist Aggression on Research Center

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Popular Committee against the Aggression on Syria denounced the criminal Zionist aggression on the scientific research center.

In a statement, the Committee pointed out that the Israeli aggression by the approval of US administration constitutes an extension of the aggression targeting the Syrian people, institutions and infrastructure for two years by the agents of the world Zionism and the Armed terrorist groups in cooperation with some Arab countries, particularly Qatar and the Saudi Arabia.

The statement stressed that the aggression on Syria aims at undermining its national and pan-Arab stances.

H. Zain/ Mazen

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