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Local News>>Mosque Preachers Strongly Condemn Israeli Attack

Mosque Preachers Strongly Condemn Israeli Attack

Feb 01, 2013

DAMASCUS,(SANA) - Mosque' s preachers and imams strongly condemned in Friday sermon the flagrant Zionist attack on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside.

The preachers stressed that the Zionist conspiracy on Syria needs no more evidence, pointing out that the timing of the aggression and its target confirm the link with the armed terrorist groups which are killing and sabotaging to undermine Syria's stances that support the legitimate Arab issues.

The preachers condemned the international silence on this attack and the failure of the international community to end the Israeli terrorism.

Minster of Awqaf (Religious Endowments), Dr .Mohammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyad, considered that the Israeli aggressionon Syria demands both Arab and Muslim world stand by Syria in ther face of the Zionist and imperialist conspiracy.

The Minster pointed out that the dimensions and goals of this attack are aimed at hindering all international efforts to solve the crisis in Syria, stressing that all Syrian people are standing in one line to defend their land.

Al-Bouti: Enemies of Religion Became Servants for Israel

Head of the Levant Scholars Union, Dr. Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti said that the enemies of religion have put themselves at the disposal of Israel and became servants to Israel's dictates that aim to tear apart the Islamic unity.

In his Friday sermon, al-Bouti said that the Islamic institutions have turned into centers to serve Israel to bring death to our countries.

He indicated that the Arab League has turned into an organization that brings together regional countries that harbor bad intentions for Islam.

B.Mosa /H.Said/M. Ismael 

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