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Local News>>Syrian Human Rights Network, Unions and Parties Condemn Israeli Aggression

Syrian Human Rights Network, Unions and Parties Condemn Israeli Aggression

Jan 31, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) - The Syrian Human Rights Network condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli warplanes' shelling of a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Network stressed that the Israeli aggression is considered "a serious violation of the international humanitarian law".

It denounced the international community's silence towards Israel's violations and acts of violence, saying this silence further encourages Israel to go on with its arrogance and breaches of the international conventions.

Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights: Israeli Aggression a Clear Violation of International Law, UN Charter

The Syrian Consultative Center for Studies and Human Rights said that the flagrant Israeli aggression that targeted a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside is a clear violation of the international law and the UN Charter.

In a statement on Thursday, the Center said that the Israeli aggression on the Syrian soil is an overt Israeli support to the terrorists who have so far failed in achieving their goals.

The Center urged the UN Security Council to clearly condemn this aggressive act and warn Israel of the consequences of its repeated violations of states' sovereignty.

Syrian Bar Association: Israeli Aggression Stresses Its Involvement in Events in Syria

The Syrian Bar Association condemned the Israeli aggression as new evidence on the bankruptcy and involvement of Israeli in the events in Syria.

The Association questioned the reaction of the UN Security Council, which is responsible for preserving international peace and security.

National Union of Syrian Student: Israeli Aggression Reveals Criminality of Terrorism

The National Union of Syrian Students stressed that the Israeli aggression came as a completion of the terrorist attacks against scientific cadres and facilities in Syria.

In its statement, the Union added that such Zionist-US action reveals the criminality of terrorism and the approach adopted by the enemy to target the resistance.

The statement stressed firm stance towards the resistance and commitment to the national options and sovereignty against any foreign aggression.

BASP: Israeli Aggression Stresses Link between Terrorists and Zionist Entity

Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) strongly condemned the blatant Israeli aggression on a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside, stressing that the aggression is a new evidence on the Zionist enemy's savage nature in destroying scientific institutions and scientists in Syria.

The Party said in a statement that the enemy's aggression came after its terrorist agents failed in targeting the research centers despite their many attempts.

"This stresses the close link between those terrorists and their Zionist masters," the statement added, noting to the terrorists' assassination of a number of scientific and medical cadres and pilots who are a danger to the Zionist project.

Popular Front for Change and Liberation, People's Will and Syria the Homeland Parties Condemn Israeli Aggression

The Popular Front for Change and Liberation Party condemned the Israeli aggression on the Jamraya scientific research center in Syria, expressing full support to the Syrian Arab Army.

The Front said in a statement that the Syrian higher national interest necessitates accelerating the political solution to safely get out of the crisis in a way that the Syrian army carries out its basic duty in defending the homeland.

For its part, the People's Will Party stressed that the Israeli aggression unveils the Israeli intentions towards Syria, its people and military and scientific capabilities.

The Party said in a statement that the Israeli aggression is a dangerous shift as it constitutes a direct and open involvement of the Israeli forces in the crisis in Syria.

The Party added that the Israeli flagrant aggression is an aggression on the Syrian national sovereignty, which necessitates reaching a solution to the internal crisis through dialogue and national reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Syria the Homeland Party stressed that the Zionist entity is the only enemy of the Syrian country, land and people.

In a statement, the Party described the Israeli aggression as a flagrant barbaric attack against the Syrian sovereignty and the dignity of the Syrian people.

The Party demanded a response to this aggression, stressing that it puts its self as a party, a leadership and supporters, at the disposal of the Syrian army.

In turn, the Syrian Democratic Party and the Arab Socialist Union Party also condemned Israel's bombardment of Jamraya Research Center , considering it as a serious escalation and a new phase of the conspiracy against Syria.

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