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Local News>>Committee Charged with Carrying out Political Program meets Souria al-Watan Party

Committee Charged with Carrying out Political Program meets Souria al-Watan Party

Jan 31, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi affirmed the importance of the political parties, social and economic activities' participation in dialogue to reach common denominators to build a national pact that meets aspirations of citizens and realize the national reconciliation.

The Ministerial committee charged with implementing the political program to solve the crisis in Syria Wednesday met Secretary General Souria al-Watan Party Majd Niazy and members of the party's political office.

Niazy underlined her party's positive interaction with the national issues, its support for the peaceful movement, rejection of violence or using weapons by the armed groups, saying "The party puts all its efforts to help rescue Syria from the challenges to which it is exposed."

Both the Ministerial Committee and members of the Party reached common denominators represented by supporting the national dialogue program and the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria.

They rejected any foreign dictations or intervention in Syria's domestic affairs, calling for democratic Syria with multiplicity, sovereignty, civil society through fair, free elections.

In a statement to journalists following the meeting, Niazy said that there won't be a real dialogue without being from inside Syria, adding "the external opposition should come if it has interest in dialogue."

She called on all displaced Syrians abroad to return as Syria approaches new steps and future.   


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