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Local News>>Ministerial Committee Discusses Guarantees to Be Offered to Opposition Sides Abroad in Case They Take Part in Dialogue

Ministerial Committee Discusses Guarantees to Be Offered to Opposition Sides Abroad in Case They Take Part in Dialogue

Jan 23, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-The Ministerial committee charged with carrying out the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria, headed by the Prime Minister, in the presence of chairman of the National Security Bureau, Interior Minister and a number of directors of departments in the Interior Ministry, held a meeting today to discuss the Ministry's memorandum regarding the guarantees that should be given to the Syrian opposition powers and figures abroad in case they come to Syria to take part in the dialogues that will be run by the committee in preparation for convening a national comprehensive dialogue.

Members of the Ministerial committee presented their notes on the procedures and mechanisms that will be taken in this regard through the air, land and marine borders in addition to the relevant logistic measures to guarantee holding those dialogues within a true, democratic and national atmosphere according to advanced legal criterion.

The Prime Minister asked the Interior Ministry to complete preparations and procedures, and take all necessary measures to put the memorandum and the meeting's discussions into practical effect.


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