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Local News>>Sit-ins in Damascus, Aleppo and Hasaka to Express Solidarity with Aleppo University Martyrs

Sit-ins in Damascus, Aleppo and Hasaka to Express Solidarity with Aleppo University Martyrs

Jan 17, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Employees at the Ministry of Higher Education staged a mourning stand and lighted candles for the souls of the students of Aleppo University who were martyred in the terrorist attack on their first day of exams.

The participants raised banners which denounced this coward terrorist act, stressing that it will not undermine the will of students to continue their educational attainment.

Minister of Higher Education, Mohammad Yehya Moalla, said that the stand expresses solidarity with Aleppo University students and their families, adding that targeting universities and the educational institutions by the armed terrorist groups which have no religion or identity aims at suspending teaching and exams in the university.


Minister Moalla noted that maintenance and rehabilitations works to rebuild what has been destroyed started on Wednesday, pointing out that the exams will be resumed in Aleppo University next Sunday.

Rector of Damascus University, Mohammad Amer Mardini said that the university is ready to provide help to Aleppo University students regarding the exams and lectures.


The Minister inspected the examination processes in a number of Damascus University faculties, stressing that university exams started on time at all Syrian universities and their branches, except for Aleppo University.

Students in Aleppo and Hasaka Condemn Terrorist Attack against Aleppo University

Students of Aleppo University staged a mourning stand in honor of their colleagues who were martyred in the terrorist attack which targeted the university on Tuesday.

Head of the National Union of Syrian Students branch in Aleppo, Mohammad Za'azoe told SANA reporter that the stand stresses that the coward terrorist attack will not prevent the students from continuing their educational attainment at any price.

In turn, student Rania al-Qadi denounced this outrageous terrorist act which targeted Aleppo University as a new evidence on the bankruptcy of the armed terrorist groups.

The participating students hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army to confront terrorism.

In Hasaka, students of al-Furat University staged a sit-in in Hasaka to condemn the criminal act committed by the armed terrorist groups against Aleppo students.

In a statement to SANA, Rector of al-Furat University Jack Mardini said that the sit-in aims at honoring the students who fell in the criminal terrorist attack which targeted the University of Aleppo.

Some students said that the crimes of the armed terrorist groups targeted the Syrians, the infrastructure and the students in an implementation of their leaders in the west, stressing their determination to continue their studies and build their homeland. 

Students of al-Baath University branch in Hama stand to Salute souls of the martyrs  

Students of al-Baath University branch in Hama today held a solidarity stand to salute the souls of Aleppo University martyrs and express solidarity with families of the wounded and martyred students, showing determination to combat the terrorists who target education in Syria.

During the stand, al-Baath university students lit the candles to mourn the souls of their colleagues who were martyred by this coward act, rejecting the terrorists acts against the Syrian people.

Governor of Hama Anas al-Na'em affirmed that "those criminal acts are clear indication to the bankruptcy of those mercenaries and their subjugation to the US-backed Zionist projects."      

Solidarity Stand in Moscow condemns the terrorist act

The Syrian students in Moscow, Syrian community and Russian friends on Thursday condemned the criminal, brutal act perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against Aleppo university, its students, staff and citizens.

The condemnation came during a solidarity stand with Syria in front of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow with participation of a number of Syrian MPs who are on a visit to Moscow.

They held flowers and lit candles to mourn the souls of the martyrs.

The participants underlined that the terrorist attack shows to the whole world the nature of heinous terrorism in Syria and that the Syrians, inside and outside, will continue struggle and purify Syria's land from atrocities of terrorism.

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