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Local News>>Syrian Students Hold Solidarity Stands in Honor of Aleppo University Martyrs

Syrian Students Hold Solidarity Stands in Honor of Aleppo University Martyrs

Jan 16, 2013

PROVINCES, (SANA) – The Sweida branch of the National Union of Syrian Students on Wednesday held a solidarity stand in honor of the souls of the martyrs of science and in condemnation of the terrorist act which targeted Aleppo University.

Head of the Union's Sweida branch, Omar al-Jibaai, stressed that Sweida students stand in the same  trench with all other Syrian students in the face of conspiracies and terrorist acts which target citizens, students, public and private institutions.


A number of students pointed out that targeting the students and universities only increases their determination to pursue their education and to build the Syria of tomorrow.

They also asserted that this criminal act does not belong to humanity and reflects hatred of the enemies who are trying to terrorize students.

The students also expressed support for the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorism.

In Damascus University, hundreds of students organized a sit-in in the student housing on Mazzeh to denounce the cowardly terrorist attack which targeted Aleppo University, lighting candles as a gesture of respect for the martyrs of that attack.


The students said that terrorism will not dissuade students from their studies, voicing their support for the families of the martyrs of Aleppo University.

They said that targeting university students is an act that could only be perpetrated by people with extremist and criminal mentality that want to spread ignorance, affirming that they will not forget the blood of their colleagues who died in Aleppo University.


The students pointed out that the terrorist attack sought to spread fear and terror among university students and their families and create a state of chaos and insecurity similar to the one depicted by the channels which are accomplices in shedding Syrian blood.

They noted that this act is one in a series of attacks against Aleppo that seek to punish it for adhering to its national positions since the beginning of the crisis, adding that another motive for this crime is the refusal of the University's students to submit to terrorists' demands that they stop their studies and join their ranks.

In Tishreen University in Lattakia, students and youth groups organized a mourning and support stand in the campus and al-Zira'a roundabout to honor the martyrs of Aleppo University.

The participants voiced their rejection of the terrorist acts targeting students and citizens in Syria in general and Aleppo in particular, affirming their support for those who are confronting terrorism.


They  pointed out that Syrian students proved to be responsible in facing the war against Syria, asserting their confidence in the ability of the Sryian Arab Army to achieve victory voer terrorists.

Participants said that assassinations, murder, vandalism and bombings won't dissuade Syrian youths from defending their country and achieving their aspirations.

Similarly, hundreds of students from al-Baath University in Homs observed a moment of silence in the University's campus for the souls of the martyrs of Aleppo University.

Homs Govenor Ahmad Munir al-Mohammad, who participated in this event, voiced hope that the heinous crime against Aleppo University will mark the end of the cosnpriacy against Syria.

Other participants affirmed that Syria will remain strong with its national union and its rallying around its leadership and army, stressing that university life will continue in spite of terrorism which will only make Syrians stronger and more cohesive.

The participants marched silently in the campus, carrying a coffin draped in a Syrian flag to symbolize the martyrs of Aleppo University.

In Tartous, hundreds of students organized a solidarity stand in the Health Institute and Nursing School courtyard to salute the martyrs of Aleppo University and express support for their families.

Participants stressed that terrorism will not dissuade students from pursuing education and knowledge, and that Syrians will not abandon their national stances and their support for the resistance no matter the price.


Another support stand was organized by the Teachers Syndicate, the Tartous branch of the General Union of Syrian Students, and the Engineering faculty in the Second Tishreen University.

Participants affirmed that they stand united in the face of the plots targeting Syria, stressing that the martyrdom of the students in Aleppo University affected every honest Syrian and that this heinous crime shows the scale of the conspiracy against Syria.

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