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Local News>>People's Assembly Condemns Aggression on Gaza, Calls on International Bodies to Pressure Israel to Halt It

People's Assembly Condemns Aggression on Gaza, Calls on International Bodies to Pressure Israel to Halt It

Nov 18, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The People's Assembly on Saturday condemned the Israeli barbaric aggression against the unarmed Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip which the occupation authorities have turned since years into a prison of more than million and a half Palestinians under the glare of the world attention.

"The Israeli aggression reflects the savage nature of the occupation entity and comes in the framework of its failed attempts to break the will and steadfastness of this resisting people," the Assembly stressed in a statement which SANA got a copy of.

It added that the aggression "reveals once again complicity on the part of the Western countries which claim to support the Arab people's rights and aspirations and their involvement in this aggression through their attempts to justify these acts and defend the aggressor Israel."

The statement expressed strong denunciation of the stances of the Western countries, particularly those of the US, France and Britain, which are always biased towards the state terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian People.

The People's Assembly stressed that the international silence and the complicit attitudes of some Arab governments are considered complicity in the crime as they encourage the occupation authorities to move on with its aggression.

"A serious pan-Arab awakening is required from the Arab people today in support of the people of Palestine and with the view of regaining the real direction of conflict which should be towards the nation's main enemy in occupied Palestine," the statement added.

The Assembly called upon the Arab people and all the world parliaments and international organizations "to assume their moral responsibilities and support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people on the political, economic and humanitarian levels."

It also called for taking tangible measures to pressure Israel to halt the genocide it has waged against Gaza and lift the illegitimate blockade imposed on its people which is considered "a crime against humanity and collective sanctions practiced against more than million and a half Palestinians in the Strip."

The People's Assembly concluded its statement by stressing that "Syria, leadership and people, will remain the first line of defense for the Palestinian people and their just cause, regardless of the changed circumstances and the scramble of the hegemony and colonialism forces, until achieving the restoration of their usurped rights and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the refugees."

H. Said

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