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Local News>>Sit-ins in Damascus and Tartous Condemning Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Sit-ins in Damascus and Tartous Condemning Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Nov 17, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Hundreds of Syrian and Arab students studying at the University of Damascus on Saturday staged a sit-in in front of the United Nations building in Damascus to express condemnation of the unjust Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Waving the Syrian and Palestinian flags, the participants stressed solidarity with the people in Gaza and denunciation of the flagrant official Arab and international silence towards the Israeli criminality against the Palestinians in the Strip.

The students chanted slogans which affirm the unity of the Syrian and Palestinian people and condemn the conspiring stances of some Arab and foreign countries towards Syria and their silence regarding what is happening in Gaza.


"The Arab League has become a tool in the hands of the US," the students said, noting that their sit-in is aimed at stressing the Syrian youth's standing by the steadfast people of Gaza and their right to liberate every inch of their land.

They called on the international community to compel the Zionist entity to halt its crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people.

"The Syrian people will never forget that the Palestinian cause is their number one cause and will continue commitment to resistance as an only solution and option to regain the usurped rights of people," said Zeina, one of the participants in the sit-in.

For her part, Iman, expressed wonder at the stances of some Arab countries which have not cut their ties with Israel that has been committing crimes and massacres against the Arabs.

Chairperson of the National Union of the Lebanese Students, Mais Sweidan, said the participation of Lebanese students in the sit-in is an expression of their solidarity with the people of Gaza and standing by Syria in the face of the conspiracy hatched against it.


In turn, Secretary of the Arab Student Organizations at Damascus University, Mutaz al-Qarashi, said the aim of the event is to protest the savagery of the Zionist aggression in Gaza and draw the Security Council's attention to the real crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Mustafa Dakwan, Head of Africa Students Union in Damascus, considered that the Arab and African nations are brought together by one fate and one goal against the international conspiring, stressing that the students' participation in the sit-in is an expression of their solidarity with the Syrian and Palestinian people.


At the end of the sit-in, the participant students, represented by the National Union of Syrian Students, handed to the UN Advisor in Damascus, Khalid al-Masri, a statement condemning the barbaric aggression of the terrorist Zionist entity against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the international and Arab official silence towards it.

Hundreds of Students in Tartous Voice Solidarity with Gaza People

In the same framework, hundreds of students in Tartous province staged a sit-in in al-Mohafaza Square in solidarity with the people of Gaza against the Israeli aggression, condemning the international silence on the massacres committed by the Zionist occupation forces against children and women in the besieged strip.

The students denounced the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and all practices by the Israeli occupation which has been besieging the strip for many years.

The participants roundly denounced the silence of the Arab League on the Zionist crime against the people of Gaza, describing the stance of some Arab regimes on the Zionist occupation as shameful.

They pledged not to forget or forgive the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, as they also will not forget the conspirators against Syria.

F. L/H. Said

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