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Local News>>On the 42nd Anniversary of Correctionist Movement...Syria Committed to Reform and DevelopmentProcess

On the 42nd Anniversary of Correctionist Movement...Syria Committed to Reform and DevelopmentProcess

Nov 15, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Syria celebrates the 42nd anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, which was led by the late President Hafez al-Assad on November 16th, 1970, amid big challenges as foreign conspiracy and the attempts of intervention in Syria's internal affairs, the US-backed Zionist attack along with their tools of some Arab countries are mounting.

Syria who has been able for more four decades to foil all plots aiming at striking its national unity is facing today a universal war where the western countries, Turkey and some Arab states are utilizing all forms of terrorism, recruit mercenaries and terrorists, support their practices based on killing, abducting to increase shedding of the Syrian bloodshed.

Syria has achieved important victories over the Zionist enemy in a number of occasions, most importantly the Tishreen Liberation war in 1973, its support to the Arab resistance which gained victories in July war of 2006, foiling the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008.

In addition to that, Syria has helped find successful solutions to several problems and challenges in the Arab region.

Syria has dealt with a big interest the internal issues to develop the national resources in a way that guarantees the independence of its decision and sovereignty, in addition to developing and modernizing the laws and legislations which regulate the political, economic and social life.. that was embodied by amending the constitution, the Local Administration law, Medial law, electoral and parties' laws.

Al-Baath Party's Regional Leadership: Syrian People Aware of dimensions of Conspiracy

Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab socialist Party affirmed that the Syrian people are fully aware of the dimensions of the conspiracy to which they are exposed, adding "the Syrian people are aware of the targets of the countries involved in this conspiracy trying to pass the US-backed Israeli project in the Arab region."

In a statement on the 42nd anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, al-Baath party said that on this occasion, it reiterates commitment to the Arab people's issues and adherence to the Syrian people's alternatives in reforms and development under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

"Syria is a sovereign country which possesses constitutional and legitimate institutions, it enjoys democracy that many others lack.. Syria is committed to its unity and territorial integrity as many national opposition parties are participating in the parliamentary and government coalition," the Party Leadership said.


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