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Local News>>Scores of Wanted Persons Had Their Situation Settled in National Reconciliation Meeting in al-Sanamin

Scores of Wanted Persons Had Their Situation Settled in National Reconciliation Meeting in al-Sanamin

Nov 14, 2012

DARAA, (SANA)- Social and popular figures stressed in a meeting held on Wednesday in al-Sanamin city in Daraa their desire for security and stability to be restored to all the areas in the province and across Syria.

During the popular meeting, which was held at the Cultural Center in the city, scores of wanted persons had their situation settled, with the participants noting that the recently issued amnesty decree stresses that the state is "the great lap that holds all of its sons".

The officials concerned who met with the popular figures said the aim of the meeting is to communicate with the citizens to get acquainted with their demands regarding the current situation in the country and help find a mechanism to emerge from the crisis.

The attendees affirmed that the Syrian people with all its spectrums are far from any sectarian conflict despite the attempts of some neighboring countries to create a one through supporting the extremists and terrorists.

They highlighted the important role of holding such meetings in terms of contributing to calm and the restoration of amity among the people in various areas.

Sheikh Abdullah al-Heimid, member of the national reconciliation committee in the province, said this meeting and other previously held ones as well as those to come clearly indicate that "we as Syrians have before us the only choice of tolerance and holding together and discarding all that might stir sedition."

H. Said

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