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Local News>>Minister al-Zoubi: Doha Meeting is a Political Hallucination… New Formulation of Conspiracy against Syria

Minister al-Zoubi: Doha Meeting is a Political Hallucination… New Formulation of Conspiracy against Syria

Nov 14, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, said that Doha meeting constitutes another attempt to revive Istanbul Council under a new name as its statement repeated all Istanbul Council 's calls for foreign intervention in Syria and rejection of dialogue.

The minister was speaking during the Memorial Service to Commemorate the martyrdom of Press TV correspondent, Maya Nasser, in the terrorist attack which targeted the General Staff Building in Damascus He added that the meeting aimed at setting up an new formulation for the opposition to conspire against Syria accompanied by a media propaganda in a desperate attempt to undermine the morale of the Syrians who adhere to their homeland and the sovereignty of their decision.

The minister said that Doha meeting and statement are political hallucination, indicating that we should look at the whole issue from a national perspective and its stance towards terrorism, the killing, the violence, arms, compromising the national sovereignty and the national unity instead of looking at it from the angle of the political components of Doha Coalition.


Al-Zoubi stressed that "Doha Council will be treated the same as Istanbul Council, adding that the Syrian leadership and state insist on dialogue between the political forces and the representatives of all spectrums of the Syrian people so that any upcoming government will be obliged to the outcome of this dialogue.

The minister said that the martyrs are the price for victory in Syria, whether those from media institutions or the army and the Armed Forces heroes.

He added that the conspirators against Syria seek to prolong their aggression on it in an attempt to deplete the state's economic and scientific capabilities, stressing that all these attempts will enhance the Syrians' unity and their rallying around their leadership and consolidate their commitment to their constant principles.

Minister al-Zoubi hailed the Syrian media and their cadres as well as the journalists' sacrifices in the face of terrorists, adding that we are proud of those who have been kidnapped or martyred or those who are still performing their duties and have respect for their sacrifices.

The minister said that the national media will always be there in the confrontation against enemies outside and inside Syria, lauding the national media efforts to convey the truth and defend Syria against the war waged on it.

Minister al-Zoubi, speaking on behalf of the Information Ministry and the workers in private and public institutions, congratulated the martyr's family.

The Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mohammad Raouf Sheibani said that martyr Maya conveyed the truth to the international public opinion without distortion at a time all facts have been distorted under the US-Zionist domination of the international media.


He added that the irresponsible media is involved in shedding the Syrian blood and ignores the interests of the people in Syria and the whole region.

The Iranian ambassador underlined the importance of the responsible media against the enemies' schemes and its role in conveying the facts transparently and away from directed intentions and purposes.

He referred to the absence of moral commitment of some media and their role in preparing false scenarios and marketing them to the public opinion and the international organizations which adopted a set of resolutions and laws depending on these scenarios.

Sheibani described the current events in Syria as a set of the arbitrary armed terrorist attacks that aim at destroying the infrastructure and spreading panic and chaos.

He reiterated his country's call for respecting the Syrians' opinions and their legitimate demands and working on to solve the crisis in Syria through comprehensive and constructive dialogue.


Father of martyr Maya, Ghassan Nasser, said that his son loved his work and he was happy in performing his national, professional and moral duty in conveying the truth.

In turn, Manager of al-Alam TV channel office in Syria, Hussein Murtada, said that the journalists have chosen resistance in the face of an enemy that rejects the truth, asserting that delivering the truth frightened Syria's enemies so that they responded to it with gunfire in an attempt to silence the voice of the right.


Murtada said that they will not succeed in silencing the resistant voice, indicating that despite the blood and wounds, "we will continue to convey the reality of what is taking place in Syria and the conspiracy hatched against its people."

R. Raslan/ Mazen

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