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Local News>>Mikdad:Opposition Which Doesn't Grow in the Homeland is Mere Externally-made Structure Used to Discredit and Destroy Homeland

Mikdad:Opposition Which Doesn't Grow in the Homeland is Mere Externally-made Structure Used to Discredit and Destroy Homeland

Nov 14, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, stressed that the opposition which doesn't grow inside the homeland and has the support of its people is mere externally-made structure that is used now and then to discredit the homeland and destroy it.

In an interview with Russia Today TV channel aired on Wednesday, Dr. Mikdad said after the Americans found out that 'Istanbul Council', which they formed, did not meet their aspirations, they came to Doha to form a new frame for the opposition, as Doha is always ready to establish such frames at the expense of the Arab issues.

He added that the Americans came up with the so-called opposition coalition in Doha, stressing that the world is looking for a solution to the crisis in Syria in one direction while they are looking in another direction.

"We in Syria and the world say that the crisis in Syria should be solved within a peaceful frame through the national dialogue table," Mikdad clarified, noting that the first decision which was taken after the formation of the opposition coalition in Doha was to reject national dialogue and declare their continued war and use of arms "as they aim at destroying Syria."

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister highlighted that the Syrian people know who are the friends of Syria and who are its enemies, asserting that the Arab League has become a useless institution as it submitted to foreign dictates.

"Syria will defend itself in case of any aggression." said Mikdad, adding "We will defend our people in the legitimate ways that are guaranteed by the international law and the humanitarian law and the UN charter."

On the talk about military intervention in Syria, he said that all indications give the impression that such an intervention would be difficult and impossible.

Mikdad: Russia's Stances Based on Moral Principles and Basis of International Legitimacy

Earlier, during his meeting with Director of Russia Today channel Alexander Nazarov on Monday, Mikdadreaffirmed that Russia's stances towards Syria are based on the moral principles and bases of international legitimacy.


Helauded Russia's balanced stances towards the Syrian crisis in particular and towards the world's issues in general, affirming that these stances aren't based on narrow, selfish interests as is the case with some western countries.

He also hailed the credibility of Russia Today at a time when the credibility of other channels collapsed after they proved to be part of the operations rooms of terrorists and criminals.

Mikdad briefed Nazarov on the latest developments in Syria in light of the vicious attack on it.

For his part, Nazarov said he was glad to visit Syria and meet Syrian citizens and officials, saying that this allowed him to understand what is happening in Syria and realize the truth of what is taking place and what is planned for it.

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