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Local News>>Volunteers Organize Night School for Displaced Children in Lattakia

Volunteers Organize Night School for Displaced Children in Lattakia

Nov 13, 2012

LATTAKIA, (SANA) – As part of local efforts to help displaced Syrians who were forced out of their homes and areas by terrorists, the Children's Public Library in Lattakia and Lattakia News Network organized a night school for teaching displaced children currently residing in the housing center in the Sports City.

This volunteer initiative, supervised by a professional administrative staff, was launched after careful study of the state of displaced children which showed the need to continue providing them with education.

Wissal Younes, one of the administrative staff members, said that the night school took in over 600 students from the first grade to the ninth, with over 200 of the children being first year students.

She pointed out that teachers and supervisors consist of 30 university students who volunteered for this initiative, working in shifts on daily basis to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted educational process.

Younes voiced hope that the night school will become a mobile school that moves to affected areas and support the educational process in them, lauding the significant efforts of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent which helped in preparations and provided school supplies for children.

In turn, Tarek Darwish of Lattakia News Network said that their main reason for becoming involved in this initiative was to boost interaction among the spectrums of the Syrian society and strengthen national unity, saying that this volunteer work is an attempt to fulfill their national and moral obligations towards the displaced citizens in attempt to save them from the ordeals suffered by Syrian refugees in other countries.

He explained that the night school activities also include a day set for entertainment so that children can socialize and develop their character and skills, adding that cooperation with the Children's Public Library helped relay the Library's experience in dealing with children and provided staff skilled in dealing with children.

Ziyad Abdullah, a volunteer chemistry teacher, said that he joined this initiative because he was deeply touched by news about Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and the terrible treatment they suffer there, which is why he's doing the best he could to help displaced citizens who came to Lattakia.

In turn, Rima Mohammad al-Obeid, a volunteer first grade teacher, said she responded to an invitation on a social networking site and joined the team, noting that they managed to achieve remarkable results with the displaced students.

H. Sabbagh

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