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Local News>>Syria Demands That UNSC, UN General Secretariat and UNHRC Condemn Crimes of Terrorist Groups and Hold Them to Account

Syria Demands That UNSC, UN General Secretariat and UNHRC Condemn Crimes of Terrorist Groups and Hold Them to Account

Oct 24, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Syria on Wednesday demanded that the UN Security Council (UNSC), UN General Secretariat and UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) expose the crimes of the armed terrorist groups, condemn them and hold these groups to account.

Syria's demand came in identical letters sent by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the Head of UNSC, UNSG, UNHRC Chairperson and High Commissioner for Human Rights in which it said it wanted to share confirmed information on the violence Syria is being subjected to at the hands of the armed terrorist groups and the horrible violations by these groups of the international law and the international human rights law.

The Ministry stressed in its letters that the armed terrorist groups and their supporters are continuing the shedding of the Syrian blood in contradiction with all human values and at a by now known timing ahead of sessions held by the UNSC to discuss the situation in Syria.

Highlighting in this context the massacre committed earlier on the day in the city of Douma in Damascus Countryside, the Ministry clarified that an armed terrorist group known as 'Liwa al-Islam', which is led by a salafi leader called Zahran Alloush, committed "a horrible massacre" in which Syria lost 25 martyrs, including children, women and elderly people.

The letters mentioned the names of the families to which the massacre's victims belonged, which are al-Qbeitri, al-Abed, al-Jindi, al-Ayyoubi, Diyab and al-Safadi.

It emphasized that the fact that the massacre took place in an area where there is no presence of the Syrian Arab Army or the law enforcement forces and where the armed terrorist groups are active, and considering its timing, proves once again the responsibility of the armed terrorist gangs and their supporters for this kind of massacres which are committed every time deliberately and with cold blood.

The letters cited al-Houleh and al-Treimseh among other such massacres perpetrated in several areas in Syria which used to enjoy safety and security before the flow of the terrorist groups and their weapons along with the foreign mercenaries.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said these groups and mercenaries have been benefiting in committing their crimes from the political, media and financial coverage provided by countries which Syria has previously warned of their support to terrorism in a number of previous notes sent to the UNSC, UNSG and UNHRC.

It stressed that Douma massacre and other crimes of the terrorist groups demand that the UNSC and other UN bodies play their role in combating terrorism regardless of its perpetrators, funders, supporters and the place and time of its occurrence.

It also called for not repeating the disgraceful stances of some UNSC member states, including Germany, which prevented the issuance of a stance to condemn the perpetrators of the terrorist operation which took place few days ago in Bab Touma area in Damascus and claimed the innocent lives of 13 civilians including children and women.

H. Said

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