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Local News>>Official Source: Yesterday's Terrorist Bombing in Aleppo Claimed 30 Lives Including Women, Children, Law-Enforcement Members

Official Source: Yesterday's Terrorist Bombing in Aleppo Claimed 30 Lives Including Women, Children, Law-Enforcement Members

Sep 10, 2012

ALEPPO, SANA_ An official source said 30 civilians, including women and children, and two law-enforcement members were martyred and 64 others were wounded in yesterday's terrorist bombing which occurred in front of al-Hayat hospital in al-Malaab al-Baladi neighborhood in Aleppo.

The source on Monday added that the explosion was caused by a mid-sizedtransport vehicledesigned for transporting food which was rigged with more than 1000 kg ofhigh explosives.

The explosion left a crater 6 meters deep and 50 meters in diameter.

The bombing caused significant material damage to al-Hayat and Central hospitals, al-Nisr al-Souri (Syrian Eagle) elementary school, and nearby buildings.

The source added that, at the same time, another explosion took place near Qutaybah Bin Muslim al-Bahili school inal-Shuhada'a neighborhoodin New Aleppo area.

The explosion was caused by a car bombrigged with500 kg of explosives. Itclaimed 3 lives including a 10-year-old girl and wounded six civilians.

Head of National and Pan-Arab Activities in the 1948 Palestinian Occupied Lands Condemns Aleppo's Bombing

Sheikh Salman Anteer, Head of the National and Pan-Arab Activities in the Palestinian Occupied Lands of 1948, on Monday condemned the terrorist bombing which took place in Aleppo on Sunday.

In a statement, Sheikh Anteer stressed that the reason for the terrorist acts committed by the Zionist-American agents is their failure in undermining Syria and the resistance forces.

Sheikh Anteer pointed out that the unipolar policy is falling apartbefore the newinternational playersand the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army.

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