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Local News>>President al-Assad Stresses the Syrian People and Government' Determination to Fight Terrorism without Tolerance

President al-Assad Stresses the Syrian People and Government' Determination to Fight Terrorism without Tolerance

Aug 08, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday stressed the Syrian people and government's determination to clear the country of the terrorists and fight terrorism without tolerance.

President al-Assad was speaking during a meeting with Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili which discussed the close and strategic cooperation relations between Syria and Iran and the situation in the Middle East region.

The talks focused on the attempts currently made by some Western countries and their allies in the region to undermine the axis of resistance through targeting Syria by supporting terrorism in it to disrupt its security and stability.


Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council emphasized that what is taking place in Syria is not an internal issue but rather a conflict between the resistance axis on one hand and the enemies of this axis in the region and the world on the other hand with the goal being to strike Syria's resistant role.

Jalili affirmed that Iran will by no means allow to break the axis of resistance of which Syria is an essential part.

President al-Assad affirmed that Syria is moving ahead with the national dialogue and is able by its people's will to foil the foreign projects that are aimed at targeting the resistance in the region and weakening Syria's role in it.

Later, Jalili and the accompanying Iranian delegation were received by Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, with both underscoring continued coordination between Syria and Iran on highest levels to confront the attempts at blatant foreign interference in the Syrian internal affair.


Al-Moallem and Jalili discussed the Syrian government's initiatives to resolve the crisis and means of activating them with the aim to consolidate the Syrian solution to the crisis in conformity with the six-point plan of the UN envoy Kofi Annan towards establishing stability in the country.

Jalili: Aim of Conspiracy against Syria is to revenge on the Syrian role.. Solution to Crisis in Syria should be internal

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili underlined that what is going on in Syria is not far away or separated from Syria's support to the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, saying that all this conspiracy against Syria is a matter of deep spites.

"The victories of the resistance against Israel whether in 2000 when the Israeli occupation forces were dismissed from South Lebanon or the great victory in 2006 or the big victory of the Palestinian people in Gaza would have never been achieved without the great contribution  of the Syrian people with their support and embracement of the resistance, Jalili said at press conference held in the Iranian Chancery in Damascus.


"Any vision to resolve the crisis in Syria wouldn't be except an internal Syrian solution.. the Syrian people enjoy wisdom, awareness and  the national spirit, so they can express their opinion freely, " Jalili said, adding that the Syrian people can't accept the Zionist Entity and its supporter, the US to come and claim commitment to the Syrian national interest.  

The Iranian diplomat stressed that the US which has always provided cover for the Zionist entity to perpetrate crimes and aggressions against the Arab and Islamic nations, and has offered the safe haven and political cover for all autocratic regimes which have dominated the region couldn't claim commitment  to democracy in this country.

"The Syrian people, through their awareness, can distinguish the sides which want to realize their interests through sending terrorism and deadly weapons into the Syrian territories and interfering in the will of the Syrian people," Jalili said.

He added that democracy couldn't be achieved through terrorism or through sending weapons.

"I met the UN Envoy to Syrian Kofi Annan  twice.. and asked him about his mission.. he told me that some states which claim that they became part of the solution to the crisis in Syria have changed to be part of the Syrian crisis," Jalili went on to say.

He reminded of the Iranian political initiative presented last year,  represented by an immediate halt to the operations of opening fire and bloodshed in order to restore  stability and security to the country.

"After cease-fire and the restoration of stability and calm to the country, and conducting the national dialogue among all Syrian people's spectrums.. at this time the Syrian people can express their opinion freely. In turn, all forms of foreign interventions should be stopped… as well, all economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people should be lifted," Jalili said.

He expressed regret that the Iranian initiative wouldn't meet listening ears by the sides concerned though one year passed, and this led to more losses.

Jalili hoped that all sides should help halt acts of violence and bloodshed in Syria in order to open the door wide in front of a national dialogue among  all Syrian people's spectrums.

If his visit to Syria is directly related to the Iranian abducted visitors, Jalili said "yes, unfortunately all regretful phenomenon which we see around us couldn't be accepted by any wise or rational man.. abducting innocents who pay visits to religious tombs or attacking them couldn't be accepted by anyone."

On Iran's stance over Turkey's dealing with the crisis in Syria, Jalili added " We have said that solving the crisis in Syria is an internal solution.. we hope all to respect the Syrian borders whether they were material or moral."

As for the realistic solution to the crisis in Syria in light of the existence of states that arm the opposition, the Iranian diplomat considered that Annan's six-point plan is a natural, suitable entrance for starting the political process in the country.

H. Said/ Mazen
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