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Local News>>Al-Zoubi:Fleeing Officialswon't Affect Syrian State

Al-Zoubi:Fleeing Officialswon't Affect Syrian State

Aug 07, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that Syria is an institutional state and the flight of some personalities, however high-ranking, won't affect the Syrian state.

In press statements following the Cabinet session on Monday, al-Zoubi dismissed as untrue reports on some ministers defecting, adding that 99 per cent of the news broadcast by certain media outlets on Syrian personalities or events are desperate attempts with defined goals.

The Minister pointed out that all issues have become clear for the Syrians, and that the lack of credibility of some satellite channels is unquestionable, adding "Everyone knows the volume of misinformation and fabrication broadcast by such channels."

He said that the escalation of the attack on Syria aims to give the Syrian street the impression that there's a major problem, which constitutes media and psychological pressure, adding that those who use such methods don't understand the nature of the Syrians and their level of awareness and political understanding, nor do they understand that Syria is a state with deep-rooted ministries establishments and an administrative and political mentality which certain sheikhdoms and emirates lack.

"We haven't heard anything from the former Prime Minister and he didn't appear on TV nor said anything to the moment," al-Zoubi noted, adding that most of Syria's 23 million citizens can become officials since this issue isn't related to education and degrees but rather to having a sense of responsibility and national awareness, affirming that Syria has sufficient human resources to cover the posts of all those who flee.

He also said that fleeing and leaving one's post in an illegitimate manner is an evasion of responsibility and shows lack of political and national awareness, and is ultimately the responsibility of the one who fled, not the state or the Syrian people.

Commenting on the terrorist act which targeted the headquarters of the General Commission for Radio and TV, Minister al-Zoubi said this terrorist act is aimed at destroying the national journalism work in Syria to prevent it from conveying the truth of events.

He pointed out that the General Commission for Radio and TV enjoys the trust and pride of the Syrian people for its transparency and credibility, adding that its employees are the sons of Syria and have various political leanings.

He stressed that the Syrian media will go on conveying the reality of events transparently and truthfully despite the financial superiority of biased media, saying "The Syrian media is working to convey and promote the truth as it should in order to be the conscience of the people and their needs."

"Syria is doing fine, and will continue to be so… there's absolutely no reason to worry," the Minister concluded.

M. Ismael/F. Allafi/H. Sabbagh

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